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Sorry, Alter, maybe one of those occasional outbursts that should remain elsewhere. But there it is. I was going to make a civilized sauce, French style, but then the smoky flavor emanating from the pan took over, and I just threw them onto the sole.
Out of desperation, sole fillets with tortured shitakes, potatoes subjected to the wonderful German invention called the Pellkartoffelgabel. Wine. History of US cities in the 1900's.
Ah, d'accord, c'est moi il y a 1 an. Ouf.
Le mot de passe fonctionne tjs. Bon. J'ai la tête qui tourne, WANT TO BUY: DUNHILL RED CORAL CUFFLINKS. Du haut en bas. Bonne chance; pas d'explication quant à l'intérêt particulier ? Et je ne sais même plus quelle tête j'ai.
Je décroche pdt quelques mois, et Whnay (c'est quoi, la trad en français ?) nous annonce son agenda gourmet à Paris ? J'y crois pas !
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T yup...this thread is useless without pics Fab I realize that, but there are others on the pictures with me, and cropping to leave only me wouldn't make much sense. It worked out, a bit corny, just perfect! Now I need to think of the design for the poster (it's for internal use only). Thank you all for the advice, especially Huntsman!
Photo shoot pushed to tomorrow. Purchased shiny white eyeshadow (to go with the shawl) for $3.29 at the grocery store while gathering what I needed to prepare tonight's chicken waterzooi. Added the hose, thank you. Tried the feathered hair with little success (very humid here today, better tomorrow.) I usually curl the ends up. Yes, the jewelry is period.
Thanks, I got ideas by googling those names. Here is what I found at home: Pair of brown boots short dress, sleeveless brown and cream, paisley design, laced up at the chest White triangular lace shawl with big flower design Silver necklace that used to belong to my mom I think that works? Discovered I own no eye shadow. Not sure what to do with the hair.
Good tip about the eyeshadow. Any particular color? The look's supposed to be that of a band.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton You have to add the milk a little at a time. Start with a very small amount, then add more, then eventually stream the rest in. If you just dumb a clump of roux into the full amount of milk, the sauce will not work. I always add the entire amount of milk at a time, or most of it, then will decide on the consistency based on what I am making (stuffing crêpes, making lasagna, stuffing gougères, etc.). I'm...
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