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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Nobody cares about the president of France. Go to the top right of the screen, click on "Search", type "Sarkozy", and click on go.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman More an affirmation that France really doesn't matter to us 'mercans. Doesn't show up on our radar. Usually, everyone jumps on any current event that is out of the norm. See wetsuit sex.
and not a single thread about it? An ode to everyone's maturity on this forum?
Which emerging country (or countries) in Europe do you feel has the best economic future?
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 So, I was at Costco today. Amongst my huge bounty I now have a whopping 5 pounds of mussels on ice in the fridge. Problem is, I have no idea how to cook them. Could someone out there help me out? I bought mussels at Costco once: warning: Mine were full of sand. I would highly recommend rinsing several times. Once cooked, you can use them cold in salads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch Drive a car with massive unrepaired damage all over its body and people will tend to give you some space on the road. That is exactly what I am currently driving...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri interesting, I had something similar when i was younger. In grade 1, I was writing mirror-style. If you held my writing to a mirror, it would look normal. My son (5) is left-handed, and I had noticed the very same tendency (writing mirror-style), a few months ago. It has stopped now. It helps that his new teacher is also left-handed. I was playing soccer for fun with him a couple of weeks ago, and noticed...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology The crown vic will be the most obvious and will work the best because they are so routinely used. Tinted windows are a must and since you can't put lights in the back, might I suggest two boxes of tissues, a red and blue box. Through the tinted windows they will just give the hint of the red and blue and you can't get busted for them. You also have to get the spotlight and painted wheels. This was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax Several observations: Which state are you in? Different states and municipalities used different unmarked Police vehicles. Here in NYC the highway patrol uses grey or white Crown Victorias. I am not aware of Pontiac Grand Prix (White or otherwise) iused by any Police Department in fleet capacity. If your other car was smaller and "less-intimidating", something like a Honda Civic 4-door, other drivers may have...
Quote: Originally Posted by mbc Spotlights, grille protector should do the trick. Used to own a Crown Vic police interceptor edition that still had the spotlights on it. Definitely gets a little more respect on the road. Thank you. I am actually still somewhat toying with the idea of getting a Crown Victoria, despite its size. What is your experience with that car? What about antennas as an accessory?
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