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Do a wine tasting party, everybody brings a bottle from a list you put together.
Félicitations ! Very well chosen name.
Cooking--things you wish you'd learned earlier: To caramelize onions (and other vegetables).
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Hey man, I was cooking a big batch of bourgignon to try and SAVE time since i'm super busy over the next 2-3 months. Maybe next time I shouldn't do it out of a Thomas Keller cookbook. I realized I need more pots tonight as well. God I can't wait to own a house with a 6 burner range and a huge kitchen. I did dishes like 4 times tonight =/ I need a wife (for the dishes, not the cooking-actually she can peel the...
And how do you all feel about polyandry?
Quote: Originally Posted by Britexpat I am in Montreal thanks for all the replies so far! French-speaking, English-speaking, or mixed?
I've personally rethought my views on the many variations of longer shorts/shorter pants worn more predominently in Europe by men. I have seen beautiful executions of this, and now, men wearing shorts in the US tend to look at tad backwards/ridiculous to me, but all that depends on the man, naturally. I do like the summer look of rolled up casual linen pants with sandals/flip-flops on men. A lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris It's really hard to ID with just those pics, and not being able to see it fly. I don't think it is a falcon, if it is it would probably be a Merlin. Probably just a red tailed hawk though. How big was it? Looks like a red-tail hawk to me too. Are the colors accurately represented on the photo? We have two red-tail hawk near the office, they lend in the nearby pine trees, and have fairly loud conversations.
Brit expat in the US?
It's pronounced with a hard "g" sound in front of the "z" sound in French: gzah-vié
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