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Where do these quotes come from? Will people ever understand the difference between a translator and an interpreter!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Who can read Russian? Cat vs catfish. Rusty Russian, but: the cat weighs 15 kg, is about 1m long, 40 cm in height. Alexei (4th comment) isn't happy, basically states it's a wild animal, that what they are doing is akin to purchasing a lynx. But the first comment had someone interested in buying one and enquiring about the cost.
Any forum members on secondlife? If so, have you experimented with business ideas or used it for training purposes? I hear it's difficult to get dressed... Fabienne
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology It was in regards to farm owners putting laborers to work when people were being evacuated across the street. I assume "American" farm owners? Who-speak-English type of "American" farm owners?
Headache and scratchy throat, suffering from lack of sleep this morning. I looked at myself just now in the mirror at work and I obviously picked my clothes without care (I won't subject you to the description). When you feel bad (physically or psychologically), do you tend to dress nicely so it acts as a pick me up, or do you not even attempt to put together a coherent outfit?
And when I read the title of the thread, I thought it would be about how Americans should have better grasp of English grammar and spelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma He actually married her to her last husband (he was mayor of the city), she left the guy (tv personality, l'école des fans and that kind of crap) after a few years for him....verrrry soapy. I bet their couple broke off when she got her memory back and realized that she was his long lost sister that had been kidnapped by gypsies. Meanwhile JR was conspiring to steal the family business. She was married to...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Sounds soapy. My point exactly!
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Ok....... And this is somehow supposed to prove that people care about Sarkozy? Not "care", but there seems to be a definite interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Does anyone know what the deal was? She looked hot - was he too short? It seems fairly obvious that she can't stand to be around him. She had an affair some time ago, can't remember with whom. He, I think, still loves her.
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