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Share your experience growing up, please.
Fencing practice, then came home and watched Truffaut's Jules et Jim.
Reckless driving.
[quote=Fuuma;651764] Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates Of course it is, but if I had to resume what was said in one sentence i'd be: english is a germanic language and that's where most of its structure comes from but due to prolonged contact with latin and french it did incorporate words from those languages. Picking up words is a lot different than being structurally linked. Yes. English is the most roman of all germanic...
A little humor, as people's temper heat up on a Friday afternoon:
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Have you read Rupert Everett's classic The Hairdressers of Saint-Tropez? No, but I do like the cover of the book. Recommended reading? I'm about to start "L'élégance du hérisson" by Muriel Barbery.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman His annual date with La Bardot. Or maybe he has an unconfessed passion for Les gendarmes de St Tropez and went there on pilgrimage?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Wanted to show my wife the horror of the St Trop scene (she had never seen). We stayed in Ramatuelle though and it was only for a couple days on the road between Cassis and Eze Last time I was there was in April and during the week, it was actually rather pleasantly deserted. We often vacationed there in the summer when I was a child, and I could never understand my parents' choice. Given the crappy...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I just got back from the south of France and it's unbelievable how many rich Russians now vacation and spend their money there. St Tropez was the most surprising - Russian could be heard everywhere around the port and old town. The ratio of girls to men was about 4:1 and some of these chicks were hotter than August There's a long tradition of the Russian aristocracy vacationing or seeking refuge on the...
Everybody stop for a minute, open the Webster at any page, look up the etymology of all the words. Do this several times, then start posting again.
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