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Alter, I'd be interested in a Ramen soup recipe, should you be willing to share. Something not too spicy, it would be for my son, who adores all types of noodle soups.
Niels Frevert, album Du kannst mich an der Ecke raus lassen. Poetry out of everyday life, alternative German songs. The singer lives in Hamburg.
Terrine with two fish and asparagus and fresh dill sauce (Swedish recipe) Spaghetti with fresh tomato/basil sauce and arugula.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Everyone's coming out of the woodwork this week. First Jon. then Fab. Who's next? Ernest?
Simple, 75% is going to goodwill and I'll be haunting the Galeries Lafayette if it's cold, Le Marais should the weather be clement (even if the weather creates obstacles, actually). Seriously, I usually shop for summer clothes in Europe, so it's nice to finally renew my wardrobe there in the winter. Now, these new airline restrictions on luggage may be a hindrance.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc As long as you have plenty of things with epaulets, the Admiral will be more than pleased. Most impressed by your 8000some posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Ahem, he's "Phal" now. When is manbearpig gonter be back? He had a certain... as teh French say... I don't know what about him. Oh darn, and to think I'm revamping my wardrobe in Paris in November, good thing I got the reminder.
And in a bad mood.
That fall seems to have been overtaken by winter.
Need a crying emoticon, so need a crying emoticon.
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