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Haven't tried them yet, but those look good for $25.
A "client meeting" and a "black tie event" are two different things. There are so many types of Clients and of Meetings as you mentioned, that you have to have to adapt to each situation.Black tie on the other hand, has rules to be followed. If you want to dress like a "cowboy" you wear jeans- not corduroy, a hat- not a baseball cap, and so on. Same happens with formal attire.
+1 disagree on "boring". Your tie should not compete with your face to be the focus of attention. Therefore, gray is fine with me.
Make her read this thread. Twice.
mmm... I'll take your word for it.Nice jacket.
Feeling the blues?
Super Dry... yummy!
"This video contains content from SBS ContentsHub and YG Entertainment Inc., one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."You failed the test.
Too many colors in here. How about a brownish tie? Or blue/gray trousers, of course.
Before giving you a Thumbs Up I want to hear your Korean.
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