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I am not.People (not especifically you) blame cameras for their own poor skills. (And if you "shed sweat, blood and tears" learning to take half-decent pictures, then your results are due to your good/expensive/newer/better/shinier camera.)Taking pictures in the controlled environment that one's house is, is easier than people think. It just requires a little preparation.
A google search would return plenty of excellent galleries taken with non-DSLRs. (Bing would too)
...on an iPhone 3GS (not even iPhone 4!) to silence those who, week after week, complained that their cameras weren't nice enough to take pretty pictures.
If you relax a bit your criteria, here are some other choices around your 13k:
Those definitions mention "rib-hugging shirts", "Males typically wear tight jeans", "affecting the style of one who attends dance clubs nightly".Is that how you see this?:
From Urban Dictionary:
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