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Well executed, you are a good illustrator. Now, the graphic about sunglasses is not based on facts; more a matter of opinion perhaps?
Yep, very masculine... Bareback Mountain style. And this looks like a geriatric center bracelet:
Better than most self proclaimed "style bloggers".
Or maybe the opposite: they dare to wear any color/pattern/etc without giving it a second thought.
Just to put it in perspective, words from an Affiliate Vendor.
Seems we are getting to The People vs. The OP
mmm... the first impression is what really counts, you know.I was thinking more along these lines
Dude, yours is not canvased. You just can't wear that with an Hermes tie.
I know where you are coming from
But of course, everyone should know what real investments are: cordovan shoes, canvased jackets, seven fold ties, and cream silk pocket squares.
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