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The average human being would be a 28-year-old Han Chinese man - according to National Geographic. Additional quick online "research" says on average 145/5'5" for such group.Hope this helps.
Best south american football club == best american football club.
Because you don't want to be embarrased in front of your drycleaner.
THIS is what real twinkie is like:
This messed my monitor's color calibration.
Is classic and tailored restricted to 'based on English fashion from around early 20th century"? Couldn't it apply to clothing from China, Russia, Egypt, Cuba, etc. too.
Well, he said: "...I see them as more of a casual shirt, I mostly wear them when I am not going to..." so my guess would be that he was stating his own point of view.
I got one last spring, on sale, 100% white silk. I get compliments on it everytime I wear it.
You are not asking this in order to decide which one to buy, right?
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