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Is it because they agree with the rule or because they don t have a clue?
Then you are thinking of a very small subset of their population. I see CEOs more concerned with stock price, productivity, sales, downsizing , etc. than with motivational tours.
In other words: born a redneck, always a redneck. Why should the OP try to dress like a civilized person? And he still has the guts to mention it on THIS forum??!!!
How does it all apply to CEOs?
She sounds like a keeper.
These days, ascending into Olympus would be more like descending into Hades, though.
Good topic for a Poll: what is more important, the Fit or a Hand Finish?
I can see that you made two new friends:Shoes and bag are very similar in (a vivid) color, I think they call too much attention toward your lower body.Why don't you try with a bit darker shoes and compare looks? Or you can go for a darker bag instead.
Irony?(pun intended)
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