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Great departure from the SF-robo-pose.
Maybe you haven't been brainwashed yet by furniture online forum?
Thank you for the quick answer.As expected, it is not possible to know without opening the tie.I guess it is back to relying on the product's description (in the rare cases when the interlining is mentioned), or references from previous customers.
Actually, the OP was concerned mainly about matching his pens with his Manolos cufflinks.
G'day Mr. Hober.Just a quick question: can you know the type of interlining without opening the tie? (particularly useful when in front of the seller)
No need to bully him, SFers can do even worse with their chest pockets:
OUCH!But wait, isn't this the same guy who posted:
Thanks for the explanation.Yet, I was thinking about the width/perimeter of the cuff. I think that ~1cm smaller would be perfect.
Don't worry about the tie, it diverts attention from the oversized cuff.
My eyes keep reading "homburg" but my mind keeps seeing "hamburger", thus my stomach starts going
New Posts  All Forums: