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Good point.We don't know whether he is looking for this:or this:
I wouldn't say the shoes are the stupid ones in the OP.
No Fs given... like in here?: TOTALLY No Fs given
1. They dress according to what is expected from them; is not something related to age.2. A financial advisor is expected to be meticulous.
... Well, that's quite an interesting expertise... perhaps.
It's a present from you, not from us. Let it reflect your personality. And don't worry about making mistakes, your father will wear it with pride whatever the case.
Go to the men's department of a reputable store with a large selection of items. Make them show you several items that fit your requirements. Pick anything you like from there - no need to look at the brand tags. If still nervous, pick something towards the upper part of your budget.
Hacking jacket, do you have a FB account? I would love to be your friend
So do capes.
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