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Certainly, cufflinks can intimidate humans:
OK, I "googled" it. Wikipedia says it is from German origin.
I don't think so. Compare the shoulder, lapel, and button position.
[[SPOILER]] Seems you are a candidate for good financial advice: substitute "$500 shoes" with "$5,000 Berlutti bag"
Man, that was deep.
I'd rather have a girl on pole position. At least "Kimi" and "Schumi" sound like females.
Has anyone considered the possibility that these are actually THE SAME GUY? Pics taken with different cameras, different lighting, by a different person... Who knows, maybe we are hanging an innocent man.
How about wearing contrasting shoes?:
Dashaansafin didn't go that way. His argument was: "this is his wedding. He should be wearing a [@#!] tux."People can marry in hawaiian shirts or in mongolian traditional attire if they please. Who can say otherwise?
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