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Man, your world is black and white, just like your avatar. Can one only either love or hate capes?Then why do you keep bringing arguments in favor of capes? No one was attacking them before your thread.Hats: maybe it is very windy in your corner of the world - it is not in mine. If I wore a hat it would protect me from UV rays very well. And no, I wouldn't wear it just for looks - how about you?Vain if you prefer. Seems that you don't want a cape for it's own qualities...
No, it was written in Japanese, vertical and from right to left: United Kingdom Football Club.
Besides this, isn't a coat more practical? (arms' mobility, pockets, etc)
"Say it clear and loud: brandwhore and proud"
His face is like "A tie... I can't believe people still wear that in this age"
You make a living in sales?
Is it?
With no one around to see, and staying the whole day in bed, it's not James Bond what I would be watching...
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