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You know White Pigeon, after 15.281 words I think I finally get your point.The Challenge.You are on an intellectual pursue, I find that admirable.Yet, you have hit a wall.Capes have gone the way of the dodo, just like neckties and suits will do sooner than later.Why not then, switch you intellectual power on to a new Challenge?There is a certain conflictive item in today's men's fashion;it is mainstream yet still faces great opposition and discrimination.Take it and...
No one wears suits over there? How about lawyers, managers, bankers, etc. ?
A true hero never sleeps.
In spite of the Wall Street - close minded -cape hater bunch, there are young and mature people who can wear capes in daily life and still blend with their surrounds:
Therefore you decided to do a bit of informal research for those designers.Free of charge, of course.
Whitepigeon: you should come clean and register as an affiliate vendor. That would help you regain some respect around here.Yes you did, long ago.
Whitepigeon's scale is more simple:1) Those who don't run to agree with Whitepigeon. (cape HATERS)6) Whitepigeon. (champion of the caped world)
Is he mimicking the toy soldier on the left?
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