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I hope you are not the kind of guy that has problems following instructions.
Is it true that small patterns on a necktie- like houndstooth - create problems for camera auto-focusing? (in studio)
Dressing for TV has its own requirements, like: "If you are a man with even an inch of fat on your waist or are wearing a suit that isn’t 100% perfectly tailored, then keep your jacket buttoned. This will keep your tie in place, your suit symmetrical, minimize your gut and show less of your light colored shirt." As stated here
Never seen Hermes' toes curl. I'll pay attention next time.
I feel your pain. Public transportation in Tokyo has its quirks too.
This shirt's collar looks BIG to me.
Seriously? Look at it for a few instants, then look around the room. You will keep seeing vertical lines everywhere.
(CBD ex-hero)
Why did you have to flip it?
Capes are coming out.
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