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Or maybe somewhere in New England.
Maybe part of the package that SF owners offered to some visible members to avoid defections.
Maybe so. But this also confirms that using your work address for conducting personal "business" is not a smart move.
Said e-mail starts with:"I saw what you wrote about me, but quite frankly I do not care"Now, THAT's how a professional deals with customers' complaints.
There is something fishy in this story. Japanese customers in general would not take part in insulting a stranger just like that. Even less in presence of a gaijin.Unless... he is dealing with Yakuza.
When you enter a room full of modern-day "business casuals", you can wear a $200 suit and still say look at me I look good.
Would those craftsmen provide a look/style similar to D&G and Armani? I bet such youngsters don't even want to hear the terms "conservative british" or "old neapolitan".
Nomination. I found this one to be a highly educational post:
I'd recommend waiting a year or two before commissioning each of them. Your taste will evolve, your understanding of fabrics will increase, your body measurements may change...
Pics please.
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