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Yes, I know...
Exactly, those four cover a wide spectrum of designs. What else do you want, a full compendium of Japanese male clothing?cyc wid it, I think I see it now. "streetwear" is to street + wear like "football" is [[SPOILER]] I will "trust" you if you post or link to some of those wonders you mention. Just don't take as a given my knowledge of your lingo.Note: this will be my last post about it in this thread. My apologies to EFV for creating noise.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks but no thanks.
This one is an affiliate vendor here:
James, is that you?
I don't get it.
That's great.
Thanks for the explanation.Interesting to know about Cuadra. A quick search reveals that there are crocodile in Mexico indeed (Crocodylus moreletii).
Sorry to know it has been so bad.By the way, is your coat "Hecho en Mexico"?It seems that in countries like Argentina and Colombia there are many manufacturers of leather products: jackets, luggage, etc. How is the situation in Mexico?
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