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Looks fantastic.
^ This is very interesting.
You're dialling in the design and fit.
If you look at the boot continuously for several seconds, the shape of a human foot appears. That's extraordinary.
Really really like these.
Really outstanding. Enjoy!
double post
Kobalto: Article: "A Material Difference" Robb Report, September 2008 Would be interesting if wool is sourced from Los Malvinas/Falklands! Would definitely like to hear more.
: Isaia is also giving classic textiles a contemporary edge. He favors the look of vintage suit textiles but dislikes their heavy appearance and feel. His solution has been to scour a century's worth of mill archives to find bold checks, stripes, and plaids that he can reproduce in lighter-weight materials and modern color combinations, such as this fall's Napoli blue, bright orange, tan, and various shades of gray. Moreover, he translated the traditional, heavy Falkland...
New Posts  All Forums: