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Not a super villain, but this might work. Cuts and bruises on the face help as well.
This too.
Haha! This has been making me laugh all morning
Thanks for the thread and write-up, I was wondering the other day about bespoke eyeglasses and eyeglass makers.
^^ Thanks guys!
On the subject of current chronographs, a quick question. In the sub $5,000 chrono bracket it seems that one is mainly looking at standard movements with a chrono module added (Tudor, Sinn, TAG, Longines, etc.). Whereas the interesting manufacture chrono movements all seem to come in in the $10,000 range (Rolex, Omega, GP, JLC, Breitling, Cartier, etc.). I was wondering if there are any chronos in the lower range that stand out as punching above their weight in terms of...
^^ Indeed. Very Nice!
Thanks guys. I'll pop by and see what they think. I'll report back if there's any action.
Anyone have any experience with have something rewoven in T.O.? I have a suit that needs work on one of its sleeves. Do we have a good reweaver in town, or is this strictly a send away kind of thing?
Yes ^^. Liked the FAQ.
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