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Thanks for the thread and write-up, I was wondering the other day about bespoke eyeglasses and eyeglass makers.
^^ Thanks guys!
On the subject of current chronographs, a quick question. In the sub $5,000 chrono bracket it seems that one is mainly looking at standard movements with a chrono module added (Tudor, Sinn, TAG, Longines, etc.). Whereas the interesting manufacture chrono movements all seem to come in in the $10,000 range (Rolex, Omega, GP, JLC, Breitling, Cartier, etc.). I was wondering if there are any chronos in the lower range that stand out as punching above their weight in terms of...
^^ Indeed. Very Nice!
Thanks guys. I'll pop by and see what they think. I'll report back if there's any action.
Anyone have any experience with have something rewoven in T.O.? I have a suit that needs work on one of its sleeves. Do we have a good reweaver in town, or is this strictly a send away kind of thing?
Yes ^^. Liked the FAQ.
Sounds like a good plan. Good luck on your search!
double post
Would second this.If rtw shoes don't work for you, perhaps bank some cash for a while and then search out a bespoke shoemaker. There's several threads on here on bespoke shoemakers that are great reading.As for your concern about moving outside your pay-grade, if you're wearing a cbd "uniform", I don't see how anyone would object to you investing in quality.
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