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A few reps have contacted me in the past two months. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these shirts? Quality? I'm partial to upper-mid grade product. I find that Eton shirts with a slight sheen are my favorites so far. But I'm lacking in the shirt department. Curious to hear any reviews here. What'd you guys think about these to wear with a tuxedo? Going to go with the Burberry Prorsum satin peak lapel jacket: Any thoughts? The red bottoms threw me off a bit...
I've got a pair of size 31 Diesel Jeans which I haven't worn in a bit. They fit pretty tight, particularly around the waistband. Will these stretch after wearing a bit? Trying to wear them around the house and such to stretch them out, but curious if they will stretch a size or two. Thoughts?
Ouch, plastic? How do you figure? That totally killed my vibe, re: jacket. HAHA!
The event is a country club annual party. Nothing more than that... Varying crowd. Lots of drinking.
Alright SF'ers... I live in Seattle, traditionally a pretty progressive and contemporary place. I've got a gala to attend later this year, and in anticipation bought a YSL Notched Lapel Tuxedo on Gilt (Link here - I had the tuxedo tailored, and I'm pretty happy with the fit. Having said that, I realize it is notched lapel tux which is not ideal... Having said that, I...
Thanks for all the help guys. I've made a decision and will post a picture of my outfit from the event. Thank you again!
I've narrowed it down to two ties... Decision by committee here: Option 1: or Option 2: Same suit, white shirt (same style as my picture above). Thanks in advance!
Different options:
Thanks guys for all of the advice. I actually have a Navy w/dots. I think I am going to change to a traditional white shirt. Not exactly loving the salmon. I've been looking at burberry ties.. I like the way they look. What are your thoughts.. With a white shirt?
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