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These are all good suggestions for outerwear. I considered them as well and ended up with the Orion. No regrets, that jacket is very functional, especially while biking. As far as fit, it sounds as though we have a similar build and I'm very comfortable in it. Now on to aesthetics, the jacket receives consistent compliments and inquiries. They also now have a "lightweight" version in brown. The Schoeller C Change fabric allows unrestricted movement and breathes incredibly...
I've got a pair of original Workwears and I love them. The 31's fit well, perhaps a bit too tight in the thigh area until worn for ~15 min. The combination of slight stretch, durable fabric, and gusseted crotch has put an end to blown out seams in the area. I, too, purchased these online during the "as is" sale. A great buy! I'm always on the lookout for more Outlier products to purchase, if anyone is seeking a buyer. There are a pair of 31 OG's taking up space in my...
Ditto. I'm looking for Outlier Workwears, Keirins... pretty much anything but OG's. Size 31, 32. If someone gets together a WTB list, their proxy $ could buy them an outfit. I'd appreciate the help.
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