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It's not so much his chest as it is simply the wrong size jacket for his body. Hard to understand why the stylist wouldn't do a better job before releasing the models onto the runway.
I also ran into this issue. I owned a dozen of the ESF shirts. I wore them in 16-35 even though my true neck size is half an inch smaller, simply because with the 16 the point-to-point measurement was minimally more generous. Wearing the ESF, I experienced fairly severe button strain from the second to fourth button, so in June during the Semi-Annual, I bought a dozen of the Slim shirts in 15.5-34 and simply took them to a tailor to have darts put in. I do not understand...
Glad to come across this thread, was wondering the same thing .. glad to see the comments provided.
Were both of these sold?
These all look great, shame that they're too large for me.
$15 shipped?
Looks like a 3 button.
I wish there were more options in 3".
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