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looking into buying the louis poulsen p5, and it seems it's much cheaper to buy it online from UK vs buying it locally in US. What's involved with setting it up a 220v e27 in US? Will it start a fire?
Which one is that
Narisawa is decent for lunch as it's only 10,000 yen
For some reason the indigo tweed Whitmore twill color keeps coming off from the inside and outside. Did anyone else have this problem?
The seller replied back wtih 'Good question! Our credenza has been completely refinished at a cost of about $1500, so the condition on our piece is flawless.' Is that justifiable?
Do you guys know why one of them is almost 1000 dollars more than the other? https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/storage-case-pieces/credenzas/nils-jonsson-troeds-teak-credenza/id-f_3091762/ https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/storage-case-pieces/credenzas/nils-jonsson-troeds-danish-modern-teak-credenza/id-f_2249752/ Also, what are some good materials I should check out for buying credenzas or just furnitures in general online?
What's the gentry code?
Aka Tambo is not even close to sushi-gen Yume in Alameda is the best sushi restaurant in the bay area in my opinon. You have to get there before 5pm if you want to get a seat.
What shoes are these?
that's pretty fucked up
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