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Yeah that grey-veined carrara looks lovely, and is quite traditional as a surface for washstands - you see it on victorian ones. I have been tempted to use it too but am worried about that obviously it is porous and can stain. Anyone know the best way of sealing it?
Waste of what? Glass? I don't think I've ever had anything other than clear or substantially clear glass shower doors/enclosures. I don't think it's a new thing. And it looks great.
I recently had a new shower enclosure fitted. It's clear glass but claims to have some sort of coating that prevents limescale spots. Been about 6 months so far and seems to be working (gets cleaned weekly in any case).
I put navy cord patches on the elbows of my favourite navy cashmere v neck which had worn through after about 15 years service. Looked great.
Church door in Buckland, Oxfordshire. Both ironwork and oak reckoned to be about 800 years old -
Turn them into Cordovan.
How about "esucrriers" as the new technical term for flaps? "Would you like escurriers on your pockets this time sir?" "Yes. In fact, I shall take escurriers rampant [hacking flaps]."
There's gotta be a better word for those things than flaps.
Goes to show you need a good architect and a good client (like good bespoke needs both a tailor and client who know what they're doing. The sum is greater than its parts). Anyone who's ever commissioned an architect for any building work at all, even just a small extension or a refurb, knows exactly what a big role the client can and should take in any project.
New Posts  All Forums: