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Club collar verges on costume to my eye, and is certainly too unusual these days to be properly formal, whatever its original level of formality may have been.
Not that I know of.
Medwed's knobs remind me of my own. Mine are slightly smaller at 7cm, and have seen a bit of polish, but are solid I think. Picked up at a salvo fair last year and hopefully will not take long to develop some patina. When we moved to our house a couple of years ago, someone had replaced most of the door knobs with modern replicas, but we found a box in an outbuilding that contained dozens of the old ones, which was a great moment. None of them quite matched, and many...
You gotta watch them signifieds. Slippery buggers.
You could PM claghorn and ask what cloth that is. Hopsacks and serges are generally used for blazers, there must be dozens or hundreds of options. Pagodas are not my cup of tea. Bit of roping could be ok. Depends what you want to achieve - what I like about Claghorn's jacket, and the one of Vox I just posted, are how relaxed and comfy they look, how natural. Roping to my mind is slightly at odds with that feel, and pagodas definitely so.
I agree on the whole, though I came across this picture of Vox in the back of a taxi recently, and think it looks good.
Yes that's claghorn. Lovely jacket.
How are the walls constructed. A lot of UK houses of that era are made of block work with an outer skin of brick, and a small gap in between. Having that gap filled with insulation (drill a few holes in the outer skin and pump it in), is very effective.
Those look great. I love old glass, have to stop myself from buying it. One day when I have the space and money I'll collect it properly.
Well of course I haven't seen yours so I'll take your word for it, but I was imagining a donegal on a similar scale to the Bond barleycorn and can't see a problem with wearing it as an odd jacket. Of course hairiness is a big factor, as well as scale. Bond's barleycorn look's quite smooth.
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