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I agree on the whole, though I came across this picture of Vox in the back of a taxi recently, and think it looks good.
Yes that's claghorn. Lovely jacket.
How are the walls constructed. A lot of UK houses of that era are made of block work with an outer skin of brick, and a small gap in between. Having that gap filled with insulation (drill a few holes in the outer skin and pump it in), is very effective.
Those look great. I love old glass, have to stop myself from buying it. One day when I have the space and money I'll collect it properly.
Well of course I haven't seen yours so I'll take your word for it, but I was imagining a donegal on a similar scale to the Bond barleycorn and can't see a problem with wearing it as an odd jacket. Of course hairiness is a big factor, as well as scale. Bond's barleycorn look's quite smooth.
I think that's a bit extreme. Donegal can make a lovely odd jacket.
@jrd617 Count me out for the large scale (still up for the small scale though).
Well I suppose if you feel you could use a bit more room up around your upper back and shoulders but the shirts are baggy round your middle or lower back, you might need both darts and pleats. I get darts but no pleats myself.
The huge majority of maize and soy grown in the US is GM and has been for years.
Look down before you sit.
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