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I don't believe this is true.
Reading HF's description of the wide boy put me in mind of a few people in the tailoring business, many of whom come from unashamedly working class backgrounds, and often dress just a little sharper than their clients ever would, the bankers aristos etc with whom they rub shoulders daily. Edward Sexton would be a good example of the look, though maybe too knowing to be a true wide boy -
shit just realised I'm a dandy.
At the suggestion of a conservation architect, we did oil-based gloss paint straight onto the walls up to shoulder height in the kitchen (emulsion above, in the same colour) . It's an old-fashioned look, but practical.
I did a little research into this recently when restoring our 18th-century house, which has three sets of double doors (solid, not glass). In that period in England, one handle was traditional, so that's what we went for. Looks good, and avoids the confusion of reaching for a handle and finding that it doesn't do anything.eta: that with knobs rather than levers, I should add.
Most miserable flight I took was about 9 the morning after a friend's wedding. Had had about 3 hours sleep and was both hungover and still drunk. Nearly spewed in the cab to the airport, let alone the sodding plane. I am sitting in the airport right now in fact, eyeing the free bar, it's only 12.30 but that's almost lunch time, and drinking at lunch is fine, right?
Sorry my mistake, I meant that heightened state of being that comes with drinking, rather than outright drunk. Is there a word for that?
Well Ter was recommending being drunk, not being hungover.
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