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Put This On posted this nice video accompanying the exhibition at FIT. Worth watching.
Had a fitting for a pair of trousers in this cloth (the mid grey on the right) the other day. Really good stuff.
Yes you'd melt in tweed in June, I was just throwing that out there.
This thread - http://www.styleforum.net/t/329568/official-wedding-attire-question-answer-picture-thread and the various threads linked to therein are worth reading. Navy is a fine colour for a wedding suit: get the one from Brooks Bros in the more traditional suiting cloth and it will serve you well for any other suit wearing occasions that crop up in your life. Incidentally, I went to a wedding in a barn on a farm once, the theme was rural, everyone wore tweed and there...
Loud tweed is uncommon in the UK in my experience, even amongst the landed classes. Dull brown with a subtle red overcheck is probably the one I see the most. Flick through here http://lookatmyfuckingredtrousers.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Toff for a reasonably representative sample of the sort of tweed jacket worn by country toffs these days.
Have you read this thread - http://www.styleforum.net/t/329568/official-wedding-attire-question-answer-picture-thread and the other thread linked to in there? Good place to start. Reconsider linen. The wrinkles are part of its charm and nothing gives off a more relaxed, summery vibe. Also, don't make your groomsmen dress like that, it's just as bad as dressing them identically. Ask them to wear their own best suit, and buy them all a tie. Edit - Oh and congratulations...
Does anyone know who makes Drakes' knitwear for them? It's really nice.
You are incorrect in this assertion, sir! It is a polite way of addressing any man. In fact, though I don't know if it's wrong per se, it would certainly be odd to address someone you knew to be a knight that way: you would usually say "Sir [christian name]".When it comes to etiquette, Butler knows his shit.I have attended a number of weddings in morning dress; they are still relatively common in the UK. None of them have been state affairs or in cathedrals or anything...
Yeah, you really should have told him that you were doing electrical work first.
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