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yeah the ghost dancers gave me the creeps
I'm indifferent about the Quebec house, but hat Japanese house is amazing.
"Velours" is what Vass sometimes call reverse calf (what most people call suede). However the shoe you link to is described as "velours inside out", which I think is the same as saying "reverse reverse calf". I.e. it's a funny way of saying calf. Might be worth double checking with them before placing an order.
Isn't that an option in preferences somewhere?
Murdoch owns the New York Times now?
Yes I like the new colour too.
They're still worn shooting today, and are usually called breeks by those that sell them. I always thought plus 4s went four inches below your knee, plus 2s went two inches.
I referenced Escape from the Planet of the Apes in one of my finals. (Exam was on 18th century english literature).
Pulling your socks up like that over normal trousers will leave them wrinkled. Bicycle clips keep your trousers out the way without getting them quite as wrinkled. Or you could get a bike with a guard over the chain like Dutch PM Mark Rutte -
Ask a friend or neighbour with a nice place if you can swap for the duration of the stay and pretend their place is yours. If television sitcoms have taught me anything, hilarity will ensue.
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