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QUOTE name="arnathor" url="/t/79716/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-post-all-quick-questions-here/27210#post_7049058"]   I am wearing a Kamakura Cutaway Collar, and I am wondering if it is appropriate to wear a cutaway with a crew neck sweater. Am I breaking any rules or is okay?  [/QUOTE] Have you yanked the front of the sweater down to show off the tie? Looks like you have, which I think is throwing the whole thing off a bit. If you want that, get a v neck. I like the...
Oh yes, clearly it's too late for you guys. But it works here a treat.
What you need there is a roundabout.Making cars come to a complete halt even if there's no traffic is a waste of time and petrol (gas).
Stop signs are vary rare here in england, can't remember the last time I saw one. Seems to work alright.
Your eggs are too fresh. Use eggs that have been hanging around a week or so, they'll peel much easier.
Sphincter looseness.
Any particular reason you want to know about these four houses?
We had that here in England for a while. It didn't end well.
My late step father had something of the wide boy about him. He loved clothes but his particular poison was the English country gent look. He never quite got it right though - too clean and tidy, too forced. Easily identifiable by the county set as an outsider. He was a Londoner, and Jewish, and didn't know one end of a pheasant from the other.
And yet I own the means of production!Cigars are definitely significant to this discussion.
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