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Well sure. It's just that earlier, people seemed to be arguing that it's ok for lounge suits to show that triangle because you shirt won't contrast with it so much (which is clearly nonsense), and that for some reason lounge suits should not be judged for being ill-fitting as much as a tuxedo (also nonsense).Of course as you move around over the day things will look less perfect, but as a starting point, there's no reason not to hold both a lounge suit and a tuxedo to the...
Also note that in that picture of Vox in his natty tartan DJ, and in the Astaire-inspired one recently posted here, he has not buttoned the jacket (unlike all his other robo-pose fits). Some people, including him it seems, hold that you should never button your DJ, in fact that they should be cut on the presumption that you won't button it (extra waisted). That being the case, then of course either a 'bund or a waistcoat is essential. There was some discussion about it...
I'm not saying don't wear a cummerbund. I'm just saying you shouldn't really have that triangle of shirt visible in any case. For both lounge suits and tuxedos.
Not so.
Ok, this is a link to a google image search for "voxsartoria". Amongst the results you will see many pictures of men in two piece lounge suits, or sports jacket outfits, in which no little triangle of shirt is visible. This is because if your clothes fit properly you will not see that triangle. No different for tuxes.
Note that in Matty Long Legs pic above, you can't see whether he's wearing a cummerbund, but neither can you see any shirt. That's because it fits properly. Search through this forum for pictures of members like Manton, Foo, Vox etc, and you will find dozens of examples of well fitting lounge suits in which no little triangle of shirt is visible.\ edit : should have said picture brillopad's pic, posted by matty long legs. Looking good btw!
I think a light grey suit is great for a less formal day time wedding. That's what I wore to mine.
Consider a job with Stomp
What are you having done?
Isn't that what's great about it though? A great big, ridiculous, over the top, 1980s spaceship landed in a pond. No half-arsery, no compromise - honest.
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