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Well I suppose if you feel you could use a bit more room up around your upper back and shoulders but the shirts are baggy round your middle or lower back, you might need both darts and pleats. I get darts but no pleats myself.
The huge majority of maize and soy grown in the US is GM and has been for years.
Look down before you sit.
GM foods have been around since the mid nineties.
I imagine there was a planning constraint about overlooking neighbours. I noticed the "indoor garden" on the ground floor has frosted glass, maybe for the same reason. Common problem with urban infill development in crowded places here in the UK - the preexisting buildings have a right to light and to privacy which means you end up with odd buildings without windows were you might want them.
Calculate how much of the people's money she wastes turning up to work late: release this information to her enemies when she is up for reelection.
I know an architect who sometimes wears cravats, and not black ones either.
There could have been worse outcomes.
Oh yeah, 2.5m
@jrd617 I'd be in on option 2a.
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