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I think that's just right. The buttoning point (top one of a two button, middle of a three) should be judged in relation to the waist - follow the line of the checks in your jacket from the most nipped in bit at the side and the button placement is at about the same point. You can go slightly higher or lower than the actual waist if you want, thought this changes the feel of the jacket. I like to go slightly lower than the actual waist, lends a more natural, relaxed look.
This sounds a very sensible approach.I had a topcoat made a few years ago in a 20oz tweed. I was actually worried it was too light - it was quite a loosely woven thing - but the tailor said he could add a wool interlining, which makes the final coat pretty warm and heavy.
Chinos, ocbd and knit or wool tie is probably the most casual interpretation of that dress code possible. If everyone else is in smart wool pants, broadcloth dress shirts and silk ties, you will stand out. What does everyone else wear? What does your boss wear?
We did the kitchen in our london flat with integrated fridge, dish washer etc, but oven and hob in black glass, similar to these (random pics off the internet)- Units pale grey, worktop in charcoal coloured stone. Cupboard handles were stainless though, as were tap and sink.
Those are great.
Just wear the grey suit, no vest. Problem solved.
My in-laws have sofas with a very upright back and they're covered in some god awful slippery cloth. I genuinely struggle not to slide off them sometimes. You basically have to sit prim and upright on them, or slide onto the floor.
Thanks. Yes the lifting veneer is on my list of things to do. The black rhombus is an old repair (it is in fact just a deeper shade of brown, much last contrasting irl), where someone has patched in a bit of new veneer. I imagine when the repair was done it was all the same colour and that they have faded at different rates since.
For anyone interested, I have posted a photo of the regency chest in the antiques thread.
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