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Not my house alas! Just grabbed those pics off some guy's blog as examples of hall chairs in situ. Mine is not quite so grand but we do have a large hallway and staircase that needs filling up, once we've finished restoring the floors and decorating.
I did English and walked into a job, but I am brilliant.Also it was the middle of a boom.
Thanks. I'm hoping they won't look too wacky in situ, arranged amongst other pieces. Something like this - or this -
I wouldn't try ironing a tie. I find the creases left by knots fall out soon enough (all my ties are stored hanging on racks except knits, which I roll). Send the stained tie to a good dry cleaner.
This reminds me of something I saw at the airport coming home from holiday last week - a really obviously hipster couple (or european variation thereof) with two young kids (maybe 4 and 5) queueing for security. Thing is, they had brought their kids instruments with them (looked like violin and guitar cases). I know plenty of non-hipster parents with tonnes of ambition for their kids, but none, I think, would bother to take their 4 & 5 year old's instruments skiing. I...
It does seem a little at odds with the otherwise easy a&s aesthetic.
People who don't exercise correct lane discipline on roads. We'd all get where we need to go faster and more safely if they did.
Just collected these, won at an auction last week- Really pleased with them, have been looking for a nice pair of hall chairs for a while. These are oak, c.1835, not perfect (I like old furniture to look like it has seen a bit of life), but quality things when they were new, in the manner of Gillows. To top it off the family crest features an escallop, so when I saw these I had to have them.
I think the arm crease thing originates in the military, but Charles got the habit from his great uncle Louis Mountbatten, with whom he was close, who had them on his lounge suits as well as his uniforms.
You know, I only caught up on this thread last night, and was very sad to read about Genevieve. This must have been obvious as my wife asked what I was reading. It was very difficult to explain that I was upset because a few days ago and thousands of miles away a cat I never met belonging to a guy I don't know had died. I didn't even attempt to tell her that said cat had been one of the most entertaining and dignified posters on the forum.
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