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Ok. Once you know what triggers them it's easy enough to avoid, but the proximity of those adds to the subscriptions and PM inbox buttons still means one can trigger it accidentally sometimes. Maybe if those sort of ads could be limited to the sidebar? Of perhaps the subscriptions/inbox buttons could be moved somewhere else (over to the left maybe)?
+1 on Uniqlo technical undershirts. I have bunch and wear one whenever I have to wear a suit and tie on hot summer days. They wick perspiration and prevent it showing through your shirt or jacket. Also linen or linen-cotton mix shirts are great. Linen suit would be too, but maybe a bit casual for your purposes.
I've had them in the UK. Pio is right, if you hover over the top banner ad too long (like half a second instead of quarter of a second), a whole page thing pops up. Very annoying.
I have used shoe cream (not wax) of a dark brown on paler brown pebble grain boots, which darkened the boots slightly - the finish was even, not streaky and not just the valleys.
Don't buy a black suit. They're maybe ok for funerals, but that's it. Certainly don't wear one to weddings. If you have a decent navy suit, then buy a mid grey or charcoal grey suit.
"Shower ready in 60 minutes" -http://www.wickes.co.uk/60minute-shower+bathroom-sealant-white/invt/214510/edit - that link won't work for some reason, but you can buy quick drying bathroom caulk.
I'll repeat what others have said: peak is formal while shawl is relaxed, so you decide which is more appropriate on that front. However in the examples you have posted, the shawl looks better. One button is also more correct than two. Besom pockets are more correct than flapped, so try tucking those flaps in. (Trust you know that neither tie in those pics is correct).
Maybe try over at SW&D, see what they say? That shirt just really isn't meant to be worn with jacket and tie; nothing will look good with it in classic menswear terms.
Recently, whenever I accidentally click on a picture and go into "gallery view" (it is always accidental, because if I wanted to see slightly smaller versions of the pictures in a post I would just sit further away from the screen), it has caused my browser to stall, and I've had to force quit or restart my computer. Has happened three times in the last couple of days and gallery view always seems to be the cause. I'm using safari.
New Posts  All Forums: