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I feel for you. I have a nephew and niece who just don't know how to behave. I actually had a chat with their father about it recently, he said "yeah I don't think they really have a concept of what good behaviour is" as if this had nothing to do with him. Funny thing is the girl, who's a couple of years older, shows signs of working it out for herself (i.e. that it's nice to have consideration for others). I hope she manages to continue - I'll do what I can to help.
I think it's pretty easy to identify the affected from the unaffected, and when something looks good and when it doesn't. Wearing a raincoat when it's not raining, nor likely to, for example, doesn't.
Ah, I see; interesting. Thanks.
Are you saying you want M&M to do a softer shoulder for you? I imagine, being military tailors, their usual product is the opposite. Might be best to go to a place who does a soft shoulder as standard, rather than getting another tailor to do something that they don't usually do. Especially for your first order.
Mid grey is ok any time of year in my book, pink shirt excellent, black tie only if you're at a funeral. Black shoes whatever the case.It is nonsense to say it is impractical: in England our winters are rarely severe, but we have months and months of slightly chilly weather. Sort of temperatures where you'd sweat buckets in overcoat etc getting round London, but it's still a little bit nippy if you're just in a suit or odd jacket. A scarf does the trick. It gets...
Have you tried bringing up your interest in men's restrooms?----Pretty much everything is pissing me off today, but I suspect that's more to do with me, rather than everything.
Note Simon Crompton's article says it looks ridiculous. Item 1 and 2 of your list indicate that your jacket doesn't fit you.
I remember some city here in britain planning a system like that. Spent millions in planning and then it never happened, or something. Still it's other people's money they're wasting so why should they care.The DLR (a crappy offshoot of the tube for people unfortunate enough to work in the docklands), is automated, with driverless trains. You can sit right at the front and look out the window as you go along, like the world's worst roller coaster. I've heard it is not as...
It is possible that your jackets don't fit you properly. Please post pics. I have not seen anyone in Britain doing this deliberately, or not the sort of person one would want to imitate in dress.
Most traffic jams in central london seem to consist of 90% bus. But the people on board aren't really in a hurry anyway (see gomestar, above), so it's not a problem.
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