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Berg & Berg only have cotton in stock at the moment, but I imagine will have wool again come the autumn. They often have patterns.Pantherella do have patterns sometimes. I was just looking the other day and Woods of Shropshire has a couple of Pantherella merino OTCs with a herringbone pattern.
Bought a bunch of the Sozzi Calze zig-zag knit ties; just arrived today. They're really nice, quite soft and silky, different feel from other knit ties I own (which are a little crunchier and stiffer). The shade of blue is lovely in particular, as is the wine colour.
From Vox's tumblr
Gauze is not good for precisely the reason you have described - you reopen the wound every time you take it off. Go to a good pharmacy and ask about low adhesive dressings or a film dressing like tegaderm (google "semi permeable film dressing").
Studio lights aren't half as hot as they used to be, don't worry too much on that score, and they are supposed to replicate daylight better than ordinary domestic electric lights, so i wouldn't worry about their effect on colours either. You're right about the weird effect small scale patterns can have (the moire effect i think it's called). I'd go for a plain mid weight navy suit myself, but grey would be fine too.
Well now, ideally you would wear a suit. A suit consists of trousers and jacket (and sometimes waistcoat) made out of the same cloth. Get one in navy or charcoal grey. Black suits are frowned upon in these parts. A nice navy or grey one you'll also be able to wear to weddings, funerals, job interviews, court appearances and other important occasions. However, it's only a prom and if you don't have to money for a new suit don't sweat it.
It's fine. Black shoes too please.
You are correct.
Didn't you just say you were getting peak lapels on the jacket? If you want to be super awesome, go with a DB 6x3 shawl or peak waistcoat. Maybe contrasting with the suit, like a nice buff linen. 6 button SB waistcoat just sounds a bit too businessy to me.
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