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The interior had been subjected to a pretty thorough "modernisation" by the previous owners: we've spent the last couple of years largely undoing what they did, trying to give it back the character of an old house. A bit of a labour of love. Did have a similar moment to you when we pulled up some carpet and discovered a hatch into a void between floors. No treasure inside alas. I'm thinking of the typical georgian/victorian london terrace house when I talk about tall...
Oh certainly can be done well, just wouldn't try it myself (I bet it's harder than it looks). Also a lot of modern stuff is long and low, and a lot of 19th C rooms are tall and narrow (in london at least) and both furniture and room can come off worse for the juxtaposition. The example you posted works in part because it's a nice big room.And yes, quite agree on eclecticism. Was by no means advocating a totalitarian approach. My house is 18th C and I have a sort of base of...
I highly recommend the o'tom tick twister -http://www.otom.com/how-to-remove-a-tickWorks a treat every time.
I came close to buying an art deco club chair once or twice a decade or so ago. Glad I didn't. But my father had a fantastic battered old leather chesterfield for decades and sold it when he downsized a few years ago. It was too big for the place I had at the time sadly, so I had to watch it go. I'd love to have that particular sofa now, but I've never really been tempted to buy another chesterfield.I think you can only judge these things on a case by case basis. Some...
Were you made up as a member of KIss at the time? That might help jog their memories.
I love chukkas, and just realised the only ones I own or lust after are in pebble grain, suede or cordovan. Hadn't really considered that before.Oddly I have a similar problem with chelseas, but not chukkas.
That does look pretty cool, but it's a noticeably odd place to hang a mirror so I'm not sure you're really achieving much. A more natural place for a mirror would be over the fireplace but that would be way too high for a TV. I hate TVs hung over fireplaces, too high to watch comfortably unless you're in a neck brace and ugly.
We have a couple of dozen of these from fontini in our house -We had two intermediary switches that just inexplicably didn't work at all, fresh out the box, but the supplier replaced them and we have had no other problems. They've been up and running about 18 months now. They make a very satisfying click and feel sturdy - I have no worries they'll last. They look great too.
Assuming architect and client aren't total idiots, I'd guess thats what they'll have used in Big Sur. Also in the picture I spoilered above notice how much darker the glass is where the sliding doors are open and you are effectively looking through two layers instead of one, bottom right of the pic. Looked it up and those coatings also cut out UV so the books on your shelves will be fine.
Can't you get fancy glass these days, with coatings that cut out most of the heat energy but lets most of the light through? In some of the photos of the big sur house, (see the one spoilered below for instance), the glass in the roof part especially looks darkish, like it's polarised or got some kind of coating. [[SPOILER]]
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