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Pulling your socks up like that over normal trousers will leave them wrinkled. Bicycle clips keep your trousers out the way without getting them quite as wrinkled. Or you could get a bike with a guard over the chain like Dutch PM Mark Rutte -
Ask a friend or neighbour with a nice place if you can swap for the duration of the stay and pretend their place is yours. If television sitcoms have taught me anything, hilarity will ensue.
Land rover ad tagline here for a while was "why drive a car when you can drive a Land Rover?"
The general rule is that stripes are considered too business-like for a wedding. The first one, a glen check, would be great though.
I went on one of those days once, curtesy of a Land Rover dealer. Hugely fun when it's not your car and there are people to sort you out if you get stuck. Loosens your driving inhibitions.
They're going to stop making them next year because of some safety regulation. Such a shame.I have one. It's great.
Ah takes me back ... this is pretty close to my old school uniform: invert the stripe widths and you're there. Our blazers weren't super-cool 6x3 DBs of course, but I did smoke gauloises for a time as a schoolboy.
I once left out a bucket about a quarter full of boiled linseed oil in an outbuilding (I was halfway through applying it to a floor). Next morning there were about half a dozen drowned mice in it. Evidently the were attracted to the smell.
Club collar verges on costume to my eye, and is certainly too unusual these days to be properly formal, whatever its original level of formality may have been.
Not that I know of.
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