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stay strong ... I tried on a fox flannel gown at Budd once, it was a thing of great beauty and felt fantastic. One day I might buy one. It was unlined, which is the way I'd go.
Just cause $900 worth of damage before you leave.
I had my first golf lesson yesterday. Decided it was time for a new hobby, something that would let me get away for the odd morning here and there. Other than one drunken visit to a pitch and putt on a stag do ten years ago, and a few goes at crazy golf over the years (also largely drunken), I was a tabula rasa. Visited the nearest decent club, which has a respected academy and practice facilities, had a coffee with the pro who then took me out for a lesson. We did half an...
Twice in as many days I have narrowly missed a train thanks to getting stuck behind slow-moving fatties (what other kind is there?) in tunnels. Why must they waddle down the middle of the tunnel, not stick to one side?
Ah yes, it was the RSS thread I was remembering I think.
The ask a quick question thread is perfectly welcoming to noob questions. There is also a huge wealth of knowledge in the old threads. I spent probably a year reading through them before I even signed up, and found many of my questions answered already.
I like that your co-worker knew that this would be of especial interest to you. A tribute to the influence of this thread perhaps.
I remember a massive and amusing argument about this here a few years ago, can't find it now.
Could also be that the trousers have been through the wash a few times and the jacket hasn't (especially if he's in the habit of wearing them separately).
I like the length as it is, but you could try asking in the tailors thread for professional opinions.
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