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There was a theory around when I was a teenager that if you were a bit chubby as a kid you would prefer small perky tits later in life, but if you were a skinny kid you'd prefer big boobs.
I love the bricks. Something about it immediately put me in mind of the Ian McKellen film of Richard III. Don't like it so much with the roof up though. Think I would have preferred a slidey-type roof, or just foregone an opening roof. Also for a large-looking building the auditorium looks like it has a surprisingly small capacity.
doodledoc asked about how suits should fit. 12345Michael54321 and I offered good and helpful advice about how to develop an eye for a well fitting suit versus a poorly fitting one. No one mentioned taste or style.
Also worth looking back through Voxsartoria's tumblr, and some of the threads here - like the good taste thread, the anderson & sheppard expatriates thread, the CBD thread.
Already have done!
I feel a little closer to knowing what it must be like to be Italian.
Wow wasn't expecting to get it with that bid. Email sent.
I have a cardigan from them that's about 4 years old and is holding up pretty well. I'd say good quality for the price. I doubt the cashmere is much good though.
You've posted this in general (i.e. non-clothing) chat. Would be more appropriate to ask in the quick question thread.
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