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Ok, this is a link to a google image search for "voxsartoria". Amongst the results you will see many pictures of men in two piece lounge suits, or sports jacket outfits, in which no little triangle of shirt is visible. This is because if your clothes fit properly you will not see that triangle. No different for tuxes.
Note that in Matty Long Legs pic above, you can't see whether he's wearing a cummerbund, but neither can you see any shirt. That's because it fits properly. Search through this forum for pictures of members like Manton, Foo, Vox etc, and you will find dozens of examples of well fitting lounge suits in which no little triangle of shirt is visible.\ edit : should have said picture brillopad's pic, posted by matty long legs. Looking good btw!
I think a light grey suit is great for a less formal day time wedding. That's what I wore to mine.
Consider a job with Stomp
What are you having done?
Isn't that what's great about it though? A great big, ridiculous, over the top, 1980s spaceship landed in a pond. No half-arsery, no compromise - honest.
That is really cool.
Blood sausage, aka black pudding, is fucking delicious.
Tweed man, check out the official tweed thread
Trouble is there are few cloths like the the sort you're talking about that can do this successfully. You'd think there would be, but in practice, most are just one thing or the other - suits or jackets. The sort of small scale, unobtrusive patterns/colours/textures you talking about would look no good as a sports coat. The sort of cloth that would look fine as a sports coat would make too bold a suit for the office.I know it's a tempting idea, but personally I think you'd...
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