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+1. The first one. I have something similar in a light cotton for the warmer months. Are you happy with the flannel one in the end? Did you go lined or unlined?
I connected through CdG years ago when I was 19. Didn't have long to make the next flight and I was met at the door of the plane by an attractive girl from air france, who took me down some back stairs on to the tarmac and drove me in a little van directly to the next plane. It was great fun.
In London mews houses were built at the end of big houses' gardens to keep a carriage, horses, and associated servants in. They were never meant to be dwellings in their own right. When they were converted to houses (mostly in the second half of the 20thC) they were often required to keep the garage doors etc by the planning department as they are almost all listed (i.e. legally protected for historic or architectural value). But I think the majority of owners just park on...
But hey let's not get all CE in here.
According to wikipedia, it is 75% funded by the EU, 25% by local government. I.e. 100% taxpayer funded.
Whacked you with her tit, or with something else?
Interesting. Both true for me.
There was a theory around when I was a teenager that if you were a bit chubby as a kid you would prefer small perky tits later in life, but if you were a skinny kid you'd prefer big boobs.
I love the bricks. Something about it immediately put me in mind of the Ian McKellen film of Richard III. Don't like it so much with the roof up though. Think I would have preferred a slidey-type roof, or just foregone an opening roof. Also for a large-looking building the auditorium looks like it has a surprisingly small capacity.
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