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Anyone know where to get a small black beanie like this? Wanna get something Leon-esque
Beautiful Frank Leder tapered trousers in an insane black, white and grey textured wool that were purchased from Japan. Lined to the knee. Tailored for a perfect slim, tapered fit. Made in Germany. Measurements: Waist: 16.5 in Rise: 10.5 in Thigh: 11 in Inseam: 29 in Hem: 6.7in RRP $490 Never worn. $360 330 + shipping.
Got my size IV Green Merino in today but it's a bit big on me, if anyone has another green one in a size III who's interested in swapping then PM me! Coat is amazing though.
Merinos in Melbourne
Sorry but I'll be getting one too! Haven't received shipping invoice yet though which is strange
Does anyone know or have any photos of how the Meermin Tan Country Calf boot compares to the Crockett and Jones Coniston?
Ideally I'd like something exactly like the picture I posted (unfortunately not available anywhere anymore), medium brown leather, non-bulbous shape and less than $500
I think your best bet is to just go youtube a video and copy it. I'd probably go with a four-in-hand or half windsor knot. Looks sharp but I'm not sure about the folding of the pocket square!
Thanks for the rec, they look great! Just wish they had non-grained leather and that metal around the eyelets...
Anyone know where I can find a simple pair of boots like these RRL Linvgstones? Rugged but kinda sleek at the same time.
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