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Not to me...And you the one that convinced me to try the eg shirting, thanks!
F&$"in damnit i missed it, Cyber monday please...those of us whom are poor but have decent taste, we've suffered enough. Natty or roughout?
And send a pic of your drivers licencse and credit card...nice peoples though.
does odin in new york do any black friday sales? or have codes? thnx
Thanks canstyleace... Was thinking of trying to lowball ebay for last fw aviator & truman but prob too risky...
Has anyone attempted the darkside of fwk? Does daiki really cut/shape these items differently for women? Is this a viable option for the smaller men amongst us? If so, any suggestions as to what 1 2 or 3 correspond to in mens sizing? (Blazers & outerwear) If not, sorry to waste everyones time, regardless of their familial relation to mr suzuki. Thnx
Is is safe to assume the shirt was washed? How much would you estimate that it shrank? Thnx!
Does the cruiser jacket ever come in xs?
Thanks for passing...i'll let you know when i recieve it!
Ordering through japan is your best bet to get xs and a wider range of fabrics but it will surely cost you... Try calling Koji at extra in ny...his english can be a bit dodgy but I really cant say enough about how nice and beyond helpful he is. He gets it.
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