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Maybe. I'll have to bribe someone else to take their break at the same time and hope that she talks to them instead.
The taxman thinks I'm unemployed, despite the fact that they take a ridiculous amount of money off me each month and I had several lengthy conversations with them about my employment last year.
This girl at work keeps trying to sit next to me when I eat. I think she assumes I'm lonely because I'm sat on my own. I want her to stop. I take my break at that time specifically so I can sit on my own, its the only time I get to myself rather than the muppets I work with and that is the only time besides checking my pay slip that I enjoy myself at work. Problem is she is someone I need to like me so I can't say anything. Pisses me off.
You must be loaded to be able to afford that many Brewdogs. And based on the Brewdog bar near me, also bearded.Thanks for the list of beers, I'll see what I can get in the UK, is there an online beer seller in Belgium who sells this stuff?
Swimming will pick your fitness up quickly and I found its good for getting rid of soreness too, probably the pressure of the water forcing the blood around the body. I tend to go swimming every couple of years for one or two months, get pretty damn fit from it and then the novelty wears off and I give up. I was going to go this week until they tried to charge me £5 for one hour :O
Mountain biking? Or even road cycling depending on where you are.
What is so special about the town/city you live in now that she wants to go to that uni? Is it very well respected for dieticians?
She must have a pretty high opinion of herself to think she's better than a place at Harvard. If it was some regular school of a similar standing to one where you already live then I can see where she's coming from, but if my girlfriend was offered a place at Harvard I'd move there with her no question.
I bought a pork shoulder last week, oven at gas mark 3 for four hours and 10 mins grilling each side on the barbecue. A bit scary when it caught fire but genuinely the tastiest pork I have ever had. It was supposed to go with a BBQ sauce but it was too good on its own for that and as good as the sauce was it was a waste of a perfectly cooked piece of pork.
How high up my back should I wear a messenger bag? And should I buy these chinos or are they vile?
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