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So pretty much the opposite of real life then
In favour of the Merc: looks, interior, info has been released and you've probably had a go in one. In favour of the Honda: will probably appreciate in the first few months you have it, decent customer service and reliability. Merc for me.
Drove it to the Welsh coast on Wednesday, 250 miles of driving through beautiful Welsh countryside only to forget my camera for a seaside shot. Turned out it didn't matter anyway since a bloody seagull shat on the windscreen and we were only parked for three hours. Mae'n gas gen gwylanod.
There's one parked on the street on a main road near my girlfriend's house. God knows why anyone would want to park such an amazing car on a main city road like that.
Nice, I'd love a 7 series. I keep saying I'll get an old one as my next car but never do. Maybe next time.
Thanks, my first pics will have to wait until Saturday because of not being at home in the day time, I'm not driving it to work at the moment because the car park is overflowing and I don't want it to get dented (I've got a car worth about £400 that I don't care if it gets bashed about a bit). I've had a few cars get scratched and blocked in there before and an expensive looking car is only going to attract attention.Its just being used at weekends at the moment.
What's the score with putting your job title on a CV? I've found a job that's very similar to a job I used to do (probably the best I've performed in any job) but with a slightly different name, the responsibilities are almost identical, would it go against me if I changed the name of it to match the job opening at the new company so they see it as being the same name?
Pipe > cigar > cigarette.I don't smoke but I did get a couple of cigars for me and a friend to share on his birthday, hopefully it will put him off cigarettes for good.
Bought a 350Z last week, it was written off a couple of years ago so I got it at the bargain basement price of £5k (certified by my mechanic as being in good condition). One of the first of the updated ones from late 2006 with built in sat nav, cruise control, car phone and a new and very expensive exhaust. If I were a multimillionaire its not the car I would have gone for, but its probably the best car I could afford within my current conditions.
New Posts  All Forums: