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Due to a mixup we ended up in Caserta, unfortunately the palace was shut and we missed out on a place my girlfriend wanted to visit the next day for the same reason, and getting the train into the city was a pain.I want to go back again next year but go for a week and plan it a bit further in advance since we missed out on so much, and avoid being outside in the middle of the day as much as possible, but I thought it was a brilliant city, my original questions seems a bit...
I wonder where they got the pig storyline from
Bought a cheap holiday to Naples for me and my girlfriend tonight, we fly out on Monday morning. Has anybody got any recommendations of fashion shops, cafes, restaurants etc?
Thanks, I'm going to get shoe trees if they don't come with them anyway, how hard is it likely to be to get the right last?
Which shoe polish is the one to go for? I've only ever used Kiwi because its easy to get hold of but I'm sure there are better ones out there (I'm in the UK if it helps), should I use a cream or conditioner instead? I've been abusing my shoes for years and it is time to repent and give them a bit of care and attention. And how hard would it be to get the scratch mark off the C&J I just bought on eBay?
Which shoe polish should I buy, and what is the best technique for polishing shoes?
So pretty much the opposite of real life then
In favour of the Merc: looks, interior, info has been released and you've probably had a go in one. In favour of the Honda: will probably appreciate in the first few months you have it, decent customer service and reliability. Merc for me.
Drove it to the Welsh coast on Wednesday, 250 miles of driving through beautiful Welsh countryside only to forget my camera for a seaside shot. Turned out it didn't matter anyway since a bloody seagull shat on the windscreen and we were only parked for three hours. Mae'n gas gen gwylanod.
There's one parked on the street on a main road near my girlfriend's house. God knows why anyone would want to park such an amazing car on a main city road like that.
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