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Since when were Greenland, Mozambique, Peru and Indonesia in the British Empire?
So far the FTSE is the best performing European exchange, and after 15 minutes of falling spent the rest of the day going up. I know its only one day in, but where is this economic disaster you are predicting?
I woke up this morning to find the political class in a complete mess. Liberal Democrats have decided they are not so democratic and have announced they will campaign to overrule the result of the referendum at the next General Election. The SNP have said they will veto it via the Scottish Parliament, but as this is a UK issue and not a solely Scottish issue all they can really do is use their 56 Westminster MPs to vote against it. Comrade Corbyn has sacked his foreign...
Where in Yorkshire are you?I'm not sure about Boris, however he is much better than Theresa May who looks like his main opposition. There is no denying he's a funny guy who you'd want to go for a pint with but does anybody really know what he stands for?Now people who don't like the Tories are going to join to stop Boris just like people who don't like Labour joined to make Corbyn leader. I think British politics is about to get even more bitter.
The 185000 reference has gone straight over my head.
A few people are so horrified that we voted to leave the EU, that they then go on to talk about moving to a country that has never been in the EU.
That is usually how living in a different country works, yes.
Did they ignore the last two weeks of polls?Details on how to get one yourself here.
I own a firearm and I have called two women cunts today. What are you talking about?It's pretty shameful to see the amount of hate old people are getting from young leftists. Quite a few wanting the result to be overturned because it didn't get 75% turnout and 60% favouring one way or the other, because democracy is great but only if your side wins.
Due to a mixup we ended up in Caserta, unfortunately the palace was shut and we missed out on a place my girlfriend wanted to visit the next day for the same reason, and getting the train into the city was a pain.I want to go back again next year but go for a week and plan it a bit further in advance since we missed out on so much, and avoid being outside in the middle of the day as much as possible, but I thought it was a brilliant city, my original questions seems a bit...
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