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I won some custom Stan Smiths a while back. Just came in and I think the pony hair heel tab needs a trim:
I picked mine up from Bodega
Thanks @kixslf for putting this one on my radar: Probably gonna be my last purchase this season until sales hit
Where did you pick up the pull over parka from?
Man the NMWA buys keep getting better and better. Can't afford the 25%+ duties that UPS likes to tack on though
Not sure which rodeo flannel colourway you're looking for but I snagged one from Gramercy York. They might have some left:http://www.gramercyyork.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-lt-blue-red-rodeo-flannel-banded-collar-shirt
Maybe a bit late in the season for sizing advice (lol) but I rec'd my Olive Poplin E1 pants yesterday. I normally take a 32 in EG bottoms / size Small in last seasons ripstop fatigues. I got the E1 pant in a size Small and they fit perfectly. I'm surprised to hear some people saying these are baggy, since they're pretty darn slim in my opinion (except maybe in the upper thigh/seat). Elastic hems are very very narrow too. Not uncomfortable, but after wearing for a few...
Long shot, but can any Canadians give me advice on the following? I ordered something from the UK via Royal Mail and provided the correct address but the wrong postal code. The Royal Mail tracking info only goes up to when the package entered Canada. Canada Post does not recognize the Royal Mail tracking # despite the item entering Canada last week. Is there anything I can do to track the package within Canada? Is it likely to be rerouted to the correct address once they...
22" P2P on a Medium sounds about right
I'm in the same boat actually. Went TTS, they were a good fit but slightly loose in the toe. Over time they've loosened up a bit and feel too loose in some spots. Only thing that's stopped me from trying out an 8.5 is that half sizes are waaaay harder to come by than 8/9/10I think most of the research I did before buying mine was that Virgils run TTS, but as the sizing advice on the first page indicates it seems like a better idea to go down half a size
New Posts  All Forums: