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Great look! How'd you size the utility jacket in relation to your typical EG size?
What do y'all use to keep track of frequent eBay/YJP/Rakuten searches? I was using Google Reader until it shut down, then I switched to Feedly, however it seems like the feeds haven't been updating properly the last few months so I'm looking for a new site/application.
I have one of their fanny packs that I use all the time. FWIW though I think the retail price is a little high for what you get (probably the first Nepenthes product I've not been wow-ed by in terms of construction)
Lol all these photos were taken in my neighbourhood. Pretty sure I've seen her around a few times wearing an amazing natural denim engineer jackets
Honestly I've probably crossed a line with this one Mountain Hardwear coat EG shirt ts(s) fatigues Vans
Not really sure where to post this, but can anyone point me towards a cream/off-white coloured hoodie? Minimal branding ideal. This WTAPS version is perfect but sold out at Haven and the Soloist one is $1000+
Black Friday is a weird day that can drive a lot of thoughtless consumption and it's just nice to be reminded that we should all stop and re-evaluate our priorities
Pretty cool:
You guys nicelynice is the coolest person on this board
Trying to downsize my closet and so I'm letting a bunch of my Yohji collection go. All items are used. All prices include the cost of shipping within N. America. All measurements are approx. Please let me know if you need any specific measurements or photos. Thanks for looking! *JACKETS* Y's String Lapel Blazer - Black - Size 2 (fits slim as far as Yohji goes) Price: $250 $200 $175 Slim fit. Made from a crisp/crunchy wool. Leather chord is a bit cracked and worn...
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