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I'm in the same boat actually. Went TTS, they were a good fit but slightly loose in the toe. Over time they've loosened up a bit and feel too loose in some spots. Only thing that's stopped me from trying out an 8.5 is that half sizes are waaaay harder to come by than 8/9/10I think most of the research I did before buying mine was that Virgils run TTS, but as the sizing advice on the first page indicates it seems like a better idea to go down half a size
You're about the same size as me, and I took a Small in the fatigues
Size down a 1/2 size from your regular Vans size for the Vans x EG (or any other Vans Vault models)
Thanks manI just get my normal EG size (medium) then wash/dry on medium heat a few times. I actually prefer the Workaday 19th century bds because they fit a bit bigger than mainline ones haInventory shows it as still in stock (though you'll have to email/call to confirm)http://store.inventorymagazine.com/collections/engineered-garments-workaday/products/41-khaki-navy-twill
Since it came up this afternoon: Here's me wearing the mainline navy ripstop fatigues + a workaday 19th c. button down. Cheers!
The Workaday fatigues are great too and the reversed sateen is one of EGs best fabrics imo. Not sure if this is still the case but they have a slightly looser fit than the mainline fatigues (which it sounds like you'll enjoy)
Workaday versions or the mainline version? Absolutely love my Navy ripstop fatigues from this season
Just thought I would point this out since there are so many requests for proxies on the EG x Vans: "Please note: customers are limited to one pair per color, all sales final." From http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/ Wouldn't want anyone getting a nasty surprise on release day and potentially miss out on a pair
I would be super into a pair of mismatched chukkasIt would make for something a little different than most of the LE Vans releases (too many Old Skools and Eras/Authentics out there already) but still have a nice simple shape that complements the mismatched leathers
Welp Any NYC based dudes willing to proxy to Canada? Not gonna take any chances this time around even though I already have a pair from the last release Shoot me a PM please if you're free and want to make a bit of cash *edit* Got this sorted out. Cheers!
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