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You guys nicelynice is the coolest person on this board
Trying to downsize my closet and so I'm letting a bunch of my Yohji collection go. All items are used. All prices include the cost of shipping within N. America. All measurements are approx. Please let me know if you need any specific measurements or photos. Thanks for looking! *JACKETS* Y's String Lapel Blazer - Black - Size 2 (fits slim as far as Yohji goes) Price: $250 Slim fit. Made from a crisp/crunchy wool. Leather chord is a bit cracked and worn in some...
Blue Button Shop also carries FWK now too
Objectively: fit is fine. Doesn't look like they are pulling anywhere Subjectively: cut is too slim. Something about the softness of the fabric and the slimness just does not work for me. Just my opinion, but I've yet to see the ghurkas look good on anyone with a booty (read: anyone other than Japanese web store models)
Yep! Still for sale!I don't have a fit pic because they're too small for me, but here's one from Inventory:
Nomad has them in 36 if you're still looking
Up for sale is a custom MDR from ToJ. Made from super thick calf suede in a great dark green colour called 'Sherwood'. Hardware is gunmetal. Worn less than a dozen times. I had a tough time capturing the exact colour of this jacket but it's basically forest green with a slight blue cast. I would say the colour is most accurate in the close-up shot I'm setting the price very low (I paid almost twice this) so don't anticipate any price drops. All low balls will be...
I won some custom Stan Smiths a while back. Just came in and I think the pony hair heel tab needs a trim:
I picked mine up from Bodega
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