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I'll be swinging by tonight to take advantage of the extended hours, could never make it for 5 pm! Looking for MTM suiting and shirts.
My 3 piece SBPL by Kent Wang.
You've sold me on the hacking ticket pocket for my next jacket.
Also want to publicly thank Kent; he's been very patient (85+ e-mail correspondence on the wedding suit) and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. This will definitely be one of many future MTM pieces I commission through Kent.
THANK YOU for posting this!I actually got the exact same fabric (7089) for my upcoming wedding suit. Only changes are peak lapel, standard width, extensive pick stitching, 3 piece, and dark brown horn buttons. We were leaning towards 7087 at first but seeing your outdoor shots now, I'm glad we went with 7089. 7087 would have been far too light in direct sunlight for outdoor wedding photos.It should be shipping in the next week or so; I cannot wait.
Studio Kim seems to have mixed reviews on Yelp: I'm planning to have my suit hand pressed; any suggestions from other Torontonians without me starting a new thread?
Also interested in the suit/SC pics! Can you share?Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes. I did catch Manton's post above which is what I'm framing the groomsmen's tie attire around. I didn't know they also applied to bow ties but now that I think of it, I guess it would be about the same. I do like that glencheck bow tie suggestion from Drakes. Any other readily available retailers I should be checking around for similar high quality options?
Looking for help and suggestions on a bow tie choice for my upcoming wedding. I'll be wearing a navy/dark blue 3 piece peaked lapel suit with white shirt. I know standard rule of thumb is that the bow tie is to match colour and fabric texture of facing lapel of the tuxedo but are there any rules for bow ties paired with suits? Would something like Sam Hober's Grossgrain Silk (Black) or Grenadine Fina (Midnight Blue)...
Anyone find a workaround/fix for Canadians yet on UD? I'd be in for a Toronto trunk sale!
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