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Nice monkey suede boot, m. unipair
Me too, also Im not much interested burgundy. In fact, I already have a superboot in this color.Is that Brown Zug grain? I can't find burgundy scotch grain in Tricker's MTO program.Here's an Eaton with black eyeletshttps://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/custom-made-tricker-s-eaton-detailThe mix scotch grain/calf goes better on Stow model imho.For example, for this boot (think about it with less...
I would follow any group going for Eaton in scotch grain or Stow in 4444 (Kelmscott if Im correct)
#37 medium brown is quite close, but if you wish to keep the burnishing done at Tricker's, then go for neutral.
Don't wait for me guys. This is a good makeup but Im not really interested in this color. BTW, you should add some contrasted binding :-)
I may be in if it's the 4444 last with commando sole. What's the consensus on the welt? storm or barbour? To be honest I've some problems to distinguish those 2. I have high instep and large feet. I have both 4444 and 4497 as well in the same size - 4444 is perfect fit, really comfortable from day 1. - 4497 is very tight in the toe box and instep (too tight actually, but half size bigger is way too big). I also prefer visually the 4444 last (more balanced imo)
rainbowgrease, I have a Eaton in 4444, it's not a "4497 boot". Anyway, I've already a pair of Bourton in 1001 burnished. Besides, I can't fit 4497 so I'll pass.
I think the color is Burgundy Burnished.
I may be interested if it's on 4444 last, rather marron antique as I've already a pair in 1001 burnished and find it hard to take care (I ended up polishing them with incolore Saphir cream).
I have the color chart at home, it's called marron moyen which translates into medium brown also on valmour website.http://www.valmour.com/cleaning-products/cream-shoe-polish-pommadier-saphir-medaille-dor,520MSAINT should be best advice regarding this matter.
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