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I am sure sizing questions have been asked to death, but here goes one more. I wear an epaulet Small, it fit me to perfection. Overall I am 6' 32 inch waist, generally wear a 38 jacket, ~155 pounds. Let me know your thoughts on what size / cut I should get in WvG. Thanks
Why did I hesitate to pull the trigger on a Small Purple Herringbone .... I have learned this lesson before (Ex. 1 Speckled Chambray Gray and Cream, Ex 2. Bright Buffalo Check, Ex 3 Forest Plaid). I always say, I am going to put together one big order, and I always miss out.So don't be like me. If you want something buy it, even if it makes your ordering piecemeal.
Also being in Seattle, I second this vote for a return of the CPO. preferably in grey.
Agreed! If I didn't already have and love my longwings, I would be all over those CXL short wings. I am really hoping more future makeups use that sole!
I recently started getting Free and Easy. And even though it is 98% in Japanese, the content is still better than GQ or Esquire!
i am in too if it happens. and may i vote for yahoo to be the platform, if we do setup a league....
I bought one in my normal size, S. It fits well, and for me I didn't want it to be overly tight.That said, I do have some shirts in medium, which don't fit bad, I just found the smalls fit better. Also keep in mind that in Epaulet shirting the difference between sizes is minimal, unlike Gitman. Hope that helps....
Both of the new styles are amazing, and as someone living in Seattle, I appreciate the leather/rubber sole. Are there any plans to do a shell wingtip boot with this York sole?
Played hooky today from work. I wore my favorite (and now lucky shirt), the mint chambray, and my gunmetal regiment twill's (Sorry of the shadowy picture). Oh and Felix Hernandez threw the Mariner's first ever perfect game!!!
Navy Polo and Caramel Rivets. A couple wrinkles in draping but I still think the polo fits pretty well. Thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: