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Great to hear that you are fixing the cuffs--that is probably the biggest problem that I have with the one I got (and am selling). The collar also is too tight, and under the arms was just a bit tight as well.Everything else, i.e., chest, length, construction, pockets, weight, was perfection.For a size reference, I got a small, since that is the shirt size that fits me best. Hope this feedback helps.
Sanded Grey Canvas sound great, as I was going to vote for gunmetal grey canvas.
I know details of this are still coming out, but if this project allows you to pick from fabric swatches/colors ala Factory Finds, (I especially want an orange oxford) my wallet is fucked!If this is the case, I think i will just have to make Epaulet an authorized purchaser on my amex and be done with it!
I have a pair of the old rivet chinos in British khaki. They have been hemmed to I believe a 32. Would you be willing to trade for these?
-==Dropping the price to 140 ==- I just purchased this from another member on Styleforum. The jacket is in fantastic condition, unfortunately it is just too small for me. Price includes shipping to USA. Will ship anywhere as long as buyer pays shipping. Anyone out there have a medium?
I assume the airforce flannels are gone .... if not let me know. if they are sorry to bother.
Thanks everyone for the help! I think i will try a M BD. Will we be able to return items purchased during the big sale?
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