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The suspense is killing me. Was anyone able to snap a picture of this?
ha! In this case dwr means durable water repellant: already has a pair of orange duck canvas pants with this added coating: thought this fabric would be perfect for the Doyle.
Glad you liked my suggestion! I completely understand that it would not be enzyme washed, and don't care. I just want the DWR coating since I live in the ever moist land known as Seattle!
Love the Doyle. I was wondering if we could just get this using the Orange dwr canvas? This keeps it light but adds protection (and a pop of color!)
Alden X Leffot Natural Chromexcel Indy boot (commando soles) on their maiden voyage!
I also just jumped on the RX100 bandwagon; prefect camera to capture my new little one. Epaulet (Mike), StanleyVanBuren, PorterInjax please share any tips you learn! I am very much a noob.
ok, thanks tricky I needed the encouragement ;-) Here I am holding Dorothy (aka Dot) for the first time.
Congrats to Mike and Adele! We too had a baby yesterday, named Dorothy. Pictures upon request--I don't want to steal any thunder or hijack this thread into men with babies.
I know its snowing and winter for 6 more weeks (thanks Punxsutawney) BUT do not miss out on these walt shorts!!! They are fantastic! (Slim Walt Short Grey Sanded UK Canvas with Luchino Polo Shirt Forest Green (and big green workout ball, sorry)
I'd vote for in your face orange, akin to the Blaze twill walts.
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