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Are there any pictures of the slate grey trainers out in the wild, preferably with jeans? A quick scan of Google,Instagram, and this thread hasn't pulled anything up.
I am going to return my Speckled Rivet Chinos in size 32, but I thought I'd let the styleforum collective have first dibs. PM me if you are interested.
Count me as another person sad (and nostalgic) for missing the arcade shirt. Hoping some more fabric magically appears.And for games, it was x-men, Simpsons, and king of fighters for me. [[SPOILER]]
Just wanted to let the group know that I spotted an HEIRLOOM HANDKNIT SHAWL DARK GLACIER Size 38 pop up on the site: I'd be all over this if If i didn't already have a similar colored one ...
I hate to have yet another Mike have you considered this.... BUT I think some Shell Cordovan slip-ons would be soooo killer . Something in this shape.
Thanks for the feedback. I did think the slate looked a lot more blue that the previous (crude instragram pictures). I guess I need to see it with denim....
Just wanted to share my fondness for the plum rivets! I think they are even easier to wear/match than the supposedly more neutral moss.
Up for grabs is my small long sleeve Comme / Watanabe shirt. It is in great condition having just been worn twice. I am only selling it because it is a tad short on me (I am just over 6') shirt retailed for almost $400! price includes shipping (to USA) let me know if you have any questions. (moving this to Streetwear from general marketplace)
moved to streetwear
Found this in the October issue of Free & Easy. No clue what it says, so feel free to make up and submit your own captions!
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