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I also thought that the pique shirts might also drop this week....
Long sleeve speckled LuchinoLeaf Duck canvas [[SPOILER]]
The suspense is killing me. Was anyone able to snap a picture of this?
ha! In this case dwr means durable water repellant: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durable_water_repellentEpaulet already has a pair of orange duck canvas pants with this added coating:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/rivet-chino-rust-dwr-duck-canvasI thought this fabric would be perfect for the Doyle.
Glad you liked my suggestion! I completely understand that it would not be enzyme washed, and don't care. I just want the DWR coating since I live in the ever moist land known as Seattle!
Love the Doyle. I was wondering if we could just get this using the Orange dwr canvas? This keeps it light but adds protection (and a pop of color!)
Alden X Leffot Natural Chromexcel Indy boot (commando soles) on their maiden voyage!
I also just jumped on the RX100 bandwagon; prefect camera to capture my new little one. Epaulet (Mike), StanleyVanBuren, PorterInjax please share any tips you learn! I am very much a noob.
ok, thanks tricky I needed the encouragement ;-) Here I am holding Dorothy (aka Dot) for the first time.
Congrats to Mike and Adele! We too had a baby yesterday, named Dorothy. Pictures upon request--I don't want to steal any thunder or hijack this thread into men with babies.
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