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Is there a difference between the 'Baker's Oxford' and the 'Baker's Oxford by White's Boots' other then price? Baker's Oxford: http://www.bakershoe.com/product/bakers-oxford Baker's Oxford by White's Boots http://www.bakershoe.com/product/bakers-oxford-whites-boots
Anyone have one of the Ebbets x RRL hats? I was randomly browsing the site today and noticed they had some on sale. Picked up the large, but I was wondering about sizing.
^^Good to know. The aesthetics don't bother me too much since these are a pretty rugged boot. I looked at it a little more closely and it looks like the welt is intact under the fraying. Just out of curiosity would I be able to trim away some of the fraying just to clean it up a bit?
Just took delivery of the Rough Roys from Context, and I noticed that the welt was a bit frayed on the side of the boot. I was just wondering if this will effect the structure of the boot or even make it fall apart...
Anywhere else besides Context and Frans Boone have earth reverse chamois shoes/boots? I've been looking for different options in this leather. The Context Roy boot is awesome, but unfortunately its sold out in my size.
If anyone is looking, Unionmade in Los Angeles has stacks of the japanese denim slims. They said they had one last full run of sizes, then all they will have is the cone mills version.
If I wanted to have the best chance to run across some RRL stuff at one of the outlets, what day of the week would they most likely put it out? I think people have mentioned like Wednesday?
I paid $0 for both of mine shipped to Los Angeles.
^My boondockers that I picked up early in the sale had stitching mistakes that looked worse then those. Just because I could, I ended up returning them even though structurally I thought the boot was pretty solid. This is my third return on RRL boots in the last 2 years. Nothing ever fit right, the welt was coming undone on a pair of Murdocks, and the sizing inconsistencies... I definitely think there are some QC issues that need to be worked out. No doubt when they go on...
Anyone have any pictures of beat up seven hills? I'm curious how my Indy shoes will look after a while...
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