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Can anyone recommend a decent tailor in Los feliz/silverlake area? Need to get some pants taken in so they don't need to be top notch.
I'll agree with El Tepeyac, place is awesome. Also really like this place I ran across in Glendale called Victoria's Tacos and Grill. Its out by Golden Road Brewery on San Fernando. Kind of out of the way but pretty bomb.
If I'm an 11 in nikes and a 10.5 on the Barrie, what size am I in the bull penis 1Ks?
Cabourn x Filson for FW 14. Looks like there are bags in addition to the jackets. This is all I can find (scroll about half-way down) http://chadsdrygoods.blogspot.com/
Cabourn x Filson? I can already feel my wallet hurting. Since its for fall I guess I should start putting money away now. edit: there are a few quick pics on this blog, scroll about halfway down. http://chadsdrygoods.blogspot.com/
^^ I agree with the Pullman. Mine has met the carry-on restrictions every time (despite the glaring looks from many of the attendants), and is a black hole as far a packing goes. Absolutely the best choice if you're planning on traveling more then 2-3+ days. My only issue with the Pullman is that when fully packed it can weigh a ton and long treks across the airport...especially when you have to sprint from A to D terminal in Atlanta... can be rough.
Where did you pick those up? In store? Don't see them on the website...
Hopefully Viberg is just riding a wave of popularity and will eventually come back to reasonable pricing when they price everyone out. They have literally doubled in price over the last 3 years. I'm still of the camp that the step up in price is justified due to the extreme attention to detail of the Vibergs and outrageously good customer service, but I am about tapped out on them. I can really only compare my Vibergs to my Wolverine 1Ks since I honestly didnt give OSB a...
The Trench is a solid boot, Vibergs are another level. You cant compare them based on leather and sole. On my Vibergs there is a clear difference in the quality of the welt, quality of the CXL, stitching, counter, whatever... its all another level. Not to mention Viberg uses a stitch-down welt which is way stronger then goodyear, so different construction.
I've been scouring the web for a while but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Looking for a indy, plain toe, tanker... basically any boot in shell that's not color 8 or black. Any retailers carrying something like that...
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