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Quick question, thinking about picking up the Bridle Leather Field Satchel as a graduation gift for myself. There's a general trend of increasingly negative reviews of Filson bags as of late. I've also noticed this myself comparing some of my older (pre-Bedrock) bags to my more recent purchases. Can anyone comment on the quality of the latest runs of the leather field satchels? Thanks.
Wanting to get grommets placed on a pair of shell boots with blind eyelets. Is this something any reputable cobbler can do? There are a few here in Salt Lake that have been around for 20 or so years. My only hesitation is them being shell and me living in a small to medium sized city...
Weird question, just received the AF76 from AoC. I don't have much experience with cordovan but the ankle of one boot isn't near as stiff as the other. It's quite malleable and even took some slight indentations from how it was packed in the box. It came out rippled and continues to ripple as the other boot is creasing. It does feel thinner and noticeably less full then the other boot or the other pair of cordovan shoes I have. Is this a normal variant? I always thought...
Is there a good place in or around Salt Lake City or good cobbler send my boots to to get eyelets on a pair of shell longwings?
Got these alden black shell boot maker editions from the shoe mart and they arrived yesterday. They are great except for two divots on the toe of the right boot. I'm debating sending them back since these were sold as firsts or is this something easily fixed and am I being overly judging of these boots? Is this something that can be fixed with a deer bone?       My fiancé was able to see the divots when the boots were worn, so they are slightly noticeable.
Anyone have the new clydes in the carhart brown? I was wondering what the fabric was like, if its a duck canvas like caharts or more of a twill like the officer chinos?
Dang it for who ever posted that BB discount code. Just Picked up the suede boots from BB. I assumed they are on built on the Barrie, but can anyone confirm this? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Suede-Boots/MH00451_____KHAK_10___D___,default,pd.html Thanks!
They'll fade very similar to the officer's chinos. Its a subtle fade, but a fade none the less. I haven't really started wearing mine, but they are a similar fabric to the left field brown selvedge duck chinos, of which mine are looking pretty good. I think it depends how you want them to look. If you let them fade they'll take on a more relaxed look. The downside to not washing them is they'll get dirty and stains, mud, etc will stand out more. So you could go either way....
Winn Perry has natural cxl longwings with the commando right now. Know this because they were a random hanging out at home, sort of impulse purchase... but still,
Bummer.Yeah, I just ordered them with this recent sale and picked them up from the post last night. I've been pretty much bird dogging them since they were initially released.I was pretty surprised with the sizing on them. I was expecting to have to get them tailored or return them for being too big. At least they finally got the sizing right.It looks like they are doing a similar Clyde next season in a heavier brown canvas for this upcoming season, so you might be able to...
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