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Dang it for who ever posted that BB discount code. Just Picked up the suede boots from BB. I assumed they are on built on the Barrie, but can anyone confirm this? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Suede-Boots/MH00451_____KHAK_10___D___,default,pd.html Thanks!
They'll fade very similar to the officer's chinos. Its a subtle fade, but a fade none the less. I haven't really started wearing mine, but they are a similar fabric to the left field brown selvedge duck chinos, of which mine are looking pretty good. I think it depends how you want them to look. If you let them fade they'll take on a more relaxed look. The downside to not washing them is they'll get dirty and stains, mud, etc will stand out more. So you could go either way....
Winn Perry has natural cxl longwings with the commando right now. Know this because they were a random hanging out at home, sort of impulse purchase... but still,
Bummer.Yeah, I just ordered them with this recent sale and picked them up from the post last night. I've been pretty much bird dogging them since they were initially released.I was pretty surprised with the sizing on them. I was expecting to have to get them tailored or return them for being too big. At least they finally got the sizing right.It looks like they are doing a similar Clyde next season in a heavier brown canvas for this upcoming season, so you might be able to...
Just as an FYI to those looking, I found the latest iteration of the Clyde (Brown Duck version on sale) to be the most true to size of last few. I even measured it against my other pairs (indigo, green, and officer chinos) and found they are roughly the size my Clydes are after I have them corrected by my tailor.
Is there a difference between the 'Baker's Oxford' and the 'Baker's Oxford by White's Boots' other then price? Baker's Oxford: http://www.bakershoe.com/product/bakers-oxford Baker's Oxford by White's Boots http://www.bakershoe.com/product/bakers-oxford-whites-boots
Anyone have one of the Ebbets x RRL hats? I was randomly browsing the site today and noticed they had some on sale. Picked up the large, but I was wondering about sizing.
^^Good to know. The aesthetics don't bother me too much since these are a pretty rugged boot. I looked at it a little more closely and it looks like the welt is intact under the fraying. Just out of curiosity would I be able to trim away some of the fraying just to clean it up a bit?
Just took delivery of the Rough Roys from Context, and I noticed that the welt was a bit frayed on the side of the boot. I was just wondering if this will effect the structure of the boot or even make it fall apart...
Anywhere else besides Context and Frans Boone have earth reverse chamois shoes/boots? I've been looking for different options in this leather. The Context Roy boot is awesome, but unfortunately its sold out in my size.
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