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I'm wondering, is anybody is familiar with Eddy Monetti shirts?(Milano Rome Napoli on the collar label).I was in the local thrift and picked up 5 of these in various striped combos.None had size tags,so they were bespoke.They all said "Cuccita a mano" and had definite hand stitching all around the sleevehead at the shoulder seam as well as the reinforcement tabs.Very tight narrow seams,true quality apparent.Beautiful ,lightweight cotton.I'm telling you,these fit me like I...
LOL--Good one.OR, buy shell cordovan shoes which form undulations rather than sharp creases.I've also found that wingtips hide the creasing quite well.
Auctiondrop,the firm who is listing these,is notorious for vague and innacurate listings.I bought a "Kiton 100%wool suit" from them and when I received it,I jumped for joy,as I looked inside the breast pocket to discover it was a Diamante Blu 150's -worth about 3 times what I paid for it.
Gosh-Somebody got a great deal.
I repeat:--"Dandyism:The Art of Dressing Well" with a great graphic or photo .
Hi Manton-I saw your thread on the Londonlounge and couldn't reply,but ,how's this for a suggestion for your book title? "Dandyism-The Art of Dressing Well" Whaddaya think??
Well,now that the weather has seemingly settled into nicer stretches,I think people are cleaning their closets.In effect,a late Spring cleaning.Therefore,the thrift stores have yielded some good finds.Recent treasures include a fantastic Chittleborough&Morgan suitcoat,a Henry Poole navy chalkstripe 14oz. jacket,and a Henry Poole tweed sportcoat.I passed on a Chester Barrie houndstooth sportcoat with real (60's)skinny lapels.Nice to know there are still gems to be found....
If you have a keen eye and visit thrift stores regularly,you will definitely find some great stuff. My latest find-a beautiful pair of near new (black) Alden split toe bluchers for $4.99. A friend of mine commented-"Why do you have all the luck?" the answer is I believe you have to make your luck by being dedicated if not relentless.If you go to a thrift store and come up with nothing,you should regularly visit.Stock comes in on a daily basis.There's no telling which...
Listen,the suit went for $455-a steal depite a couple snags.I'd much rather have a snag or two than pay,what about $2500 on sale??
Quote: I'll throw in my usual recommendation for Walgreen's hangers. They're really quite nice, and the price is right. I like Ikea's wooden hangers for shirts. Really, there's only so much I'm willing to invest in a hanger, although I recognize the need for a quality hanger for suits and sportcoats. And, like most, I like the look of the wooden hangers. Hurrah,yes,AlanC--Walgreen's hangers can't be beat for 3 for 10 bucks.
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