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I voted for Stitchy. He can button his jacket without it pulling at the button, and I...well, that's why my jacket isn't buttoned.
South vs. North in the US is determined by history as much as geography. It all goes back to the US Civil war and the slavery issue. Look at this map: The states in red were the states that seceded from the US in the Civil War. The light blue ones (Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland) were states where slavery was legal before the war (like the rest of the southern states) but they didn't secede from the Union (like the northern states). Texas is a bit of a...
Great suit. All SBPL jackets should have big, beefy lapels. Go big or go home.
I like that fabric, Cap. If I'd just seen the closeup and not the full shot, I'd have guessed it was 20s-40s vintage, not '70s. Interesting weaves like diamonds and such were common before the war, but fabric patterns and colors got a lot more standardized, with fewer options, in the latter half of the 20th century.I guess everyone everywhere has insulting pet names for their local Kroger stores. The one nearest me is known by everyone in the city as The Dirty Kroger,...
Try dark-ish solid gray suit, dark grenadine tie (black, navy, purple). That shirt needs to be the most interesting thing in the fit.
That is extremely cool. I have a soft spot in my heart for Oxxford, even though they don't sell that well. That one is a really neat piece of both companies' history.Sorry, bro. Get well. I had that crap earlier this year. It is no fun.
A few things today - quick, as-yet-unedited pics belowSkeetEmbroidered skeet100% silk limited edition skeetJ Press flannelsZegna flannels [[SPOILER]]
I like them very much!
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