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Based on the font size and placement, I'm thinking the word is a shorter one. Sears possibly, but I think it ends in G-S so I'm gonna say KING'S or something like that. Probably a store name. Edit: If it is King's, maybe this one that was in Frederick, MD. Font is similar. Wes, what makes have you seen use the O'Sullivan heel besides Mason?
Oxxford suit, Barbera shirt, "Grenafaux" tie from thetiebar.com, BB square, Peal shoes
What's next, guys braiding their ties?
The mystery shells could have been made by who-knows-whom for a men's store and had a heel pad with the store's logo on it. I've seen that a couple of times - I know Alden has done it for a long time, and I think Hanover may have done so too. I'm sure other makers did.
Re: the creases, they said I should polish with some wax and the lightness might go away. I pushed back on the finish issues around the stitching, and am still waiting for a response.
Couple more photos of the finish issues with mine:
^ lol
Southwick suit, BB shirt, J Press tie, AE shoes. White linen square fell down in the pocket.
I don't even think DM7 is a real person anymore.
Belly, you have any of the issues with the finish around the stitching like mine?
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