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IZOD and their Isaia-like labels.
Sorry about the moiring.
How well do Zanella jackets sell on the Bay? I see them occasionally at one shop in town.
This jacket is awesome. If you've been looking for a great FU sportcoat to dress like edmorel, this is it! Made by Oxxford, finest handmade clothes in the US, yadda yadda, you know the rest. $100 $85 $75 $60 shipped CONUS. Tagged 43R; would work fine for a 42R as well. P2P: 23" Shoulders: 19.5" BOC: 30.5" Sleeves: 23.5" +1" to let down
Lovely Brioni hand-tailored brown-and-white houndstooth sportcoat. Single button, double vent. Non-functional fake buttonholes on sleeve. $200 $180 $160 $140 $120 $110 OBO, including shipping CONUS. Size is tagged 54 (44R); measures IMO on the slim side of that, somewhere between 42 and 44. P2P: 23" Shoulders: 19" Length: 30.5" Sleeves: 24.5" + 2" to let down
These are beautiful - hand-tailored wool covert twill trousers made by Sartoria Partenopea in a mustard-y tan color that's often called British Tan. I have some pants in a similar covert twill fabric, and they wear like iron and drape fantastically. They're in very good condition; no holes or stains or anything. Flat front, no cuffs. Half-lined in front to the knee. I don't know what SP trousers retail for, but it's probably insane. 34" waist with 2" to let out 32"...
Moo, are these really that bad? If so, I don't know what to say - I didn't even thrift these, bought them new 2 years ago and haven't worn the heck out of them really. If these are misshapen and overly wrinkled, I guess I need shoe trees for feet or something.
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