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Necrobumping this post. Anyone know this label? There's a couple Zanellas in a store nearby that I passed on because they don't seem to do that well on Ebay (amirite?), but if they're a worthwhile maker I'll go back for them.
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All I have time for today: Gloverall John Hanly & Co. lambswool scarf PRL cords (yikes, they're getting baggy...) BB bucks Sad news of the week: My office has decided to drop business dress and go to "smart casual," whatever that is.
This is the classic Brooks Brothers Number One sack suit, the one that made Brooks famous, the one that defined Trad. I've had it for a few years, but it's too big for me now and it's time to pass it on to someone who can appreciate it. It's a great medium-heavy weight (probably around 12-14 oz) charcoal gray chalk stripe fabric. Brooks suits are hard to date precisely because the styles stayed so consistent, but I think this one is from around the late '60s. It's a...
This jacket is made by Corneliani for Polo Ralph Lauren. It's some of the softest wool I've ever felt - I seriously thought it was cashmere before I looked at the tag. 3 button, rolled to 2.5, center vent. It's in fantastic condition; no issues anywhere that I can see. $150 including shipping CONUS. Will ship elsewhere, too. Tagged 42L. P2P: 22.5" Shoulders: 19.5" BOC: 32" Sleeves: 25 +1.5"
This is a gorgeous blazer, and I wish it fit me. It's this model, which retails for $1098. Made in the USA by Martin Greenfield Clothiers. It's a great navy hopsack fabric, with awesome gold and navy enamel buttons. 2 button cut, center vent. It's in great condition; the lining has been resewn above the vent in back, but I can't see any other condition issues. $150 OBO including shipping CONUS. Will ship elsewhere for extra. Tagged 44L. P2P: 23.5" Shoulders:...
Back in the office after a week of working from home, sick. Samuelsohn suit BBGF shirt Austin Reed tie Faconnable square AE boots Bespoke coffee stains, courtesy of the giant new pothole on my morning commute.
Don't beat yourself up, man. That place is odd, they only put out new stuff literally twice a year. The last release was in October, and the good stuff has all been picked weeks ago. There was a $120 Zegna I had my eye on for the 50% sale, but it didn't last even at that price.Unique has also been crappy lately. Used to be a reliable spot but either they're sending the good stuff to other cities or some other folks are haunting it and picking it clean all the time. I...
Wasn't that one, have at it.
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