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I love the thoughtfulness that Holdfast consistently puts into his feedback!
^ 1. I think so, but hard to tell for sure. That's not a standard color for AE shell, but they could be faded burgundy or special ordered. 80% sure yes they are shell. Do they have a dovetail heel? 2. You mean the color oxblood, right? Then yeah, I guess so - don't think there's a technical definition fo the color.
Some good entries so far! Just to clarify the rules: the only requirements for a fit to qualify for the challenge and be included in the poll are: 1) There must be a tie, and it must not be solid; 2) The fit must have been worn in the week ending tomorrow morning. Tastefulness is the spirit of the challenge, and I hope the main criteria people use to vote. But it's not an objective thing, so nobody's going to get disqualified and excluded from the poll because of a...
Looks good. You'd have been fine with a bit more brim too, but I understand the plantation-worker fear.
It's a solid. Not allowed. Wouldn't have been counted a pattern for the 4-pattern challenge, so it's a solid for purposes of this one too.
Just remember the tasteful stipulation. It will still be SF members voting, with SF-groupthink tastes.
Sure they do! However, I will say that bold bow ties are easier to pull off because they're so much smaller. So you can still be very well dressed with a bold bow tie, but it won't be as impressive as a tastefully worn bold FIH.
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