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Saw a pair of Mishka selvage jeans yesterday, but they had some unfortunate fade lines running vertically down them from where they'd been folded or something. I passed.
Does Ebay have any traffic analytics info that I've missed somewhere? When one of my listings blows up, I usually assume it's been featured on PTO, and that's usually the case. But a couple of my items have gotten a ton of traffic that weren't listed by PTO, and I'd like to know where else the traffic is coming from. Is there any way to tell?
Jabba and HBK, I'm small potatoes when it comes to selling, but from what I've seen here, the best way to drive traffic and bids to your auctions is to be a reputable seller, build good feedback, be responsive to buyers, ship promptly, and have a consistent volume of stuff for sale that makes buyers want to come back. Plus the usual stuff like taking good pictures, listing flaws honestly, etc.
There are several TJX (parent company) loss prevention folks listed on LinkedIn. If you're on LinkedIn, maybe send them a message with the details. These are the people whose job it is to care about theft, and they can get you in touch with the LP staff for your area.http://www.linkedin.com/title/district+loss+prevention+manager/at-tjx/
Sargent for BB Peal, 99 last.
Not sure there's anything about this fit that Manton would like.
$4 each IIRC. So, bad pass? Would anyone actually buy these?
Grenadine is a weave. The Tiebar Grenafauxs are silk, but a different weave that sorta imitates grenadine.Pass on the '70s ties.
Weird black Brioni Nehru/stock collar shirt. Fly front, French cuffs. Darted in back like a woman's, miniature MOP buttons like a woman's, buttons on the right like a man's, no size tag but would be small for a man but large on a woman. There were two of these and a Stefano Ricci that was identical. I passed. Good pass?
^ The one on the right. The not-gingham.
New Posts  All Forums: