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Polo Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater vest, wool/alpaca/camel blend. Tagged XL, 23" P2P $25 shipped CONUS.
Gray herringbone Southwick sack suit, approximately 41R. Nice 3-season fabric. Flat front pants, no cuffs. $75 P2P: 22.5" BOC: 30.25" Shoulders: 17.5" Sleeves: 24.5" +2"
Best day I've had in a while. Everything potentially available. PRL fair isle vest XL 2x RLPL T-shirts L Recent Black h'bone Theory sportcoat (epaulets, belt back, this thing is sick), 40R NWOT Bills Khakis M2, 34xunhemmed Southwick suit, ~41R 2x Borrelli shirts, 16 Canali FC shirt, 16 Brioni tie* 3x vintage (20s-40s) ties *Brioni tie has a stain, but it was cheap and I thought I'd take a chance on it. I think Mainy or someone recently posted their...
^ Or maybe just someone who's really proud of being Catholic.
Looks like they retail for ~$600 or less, so probably nothing special.
Recent Hickey Freeman Madison sportcoat, 42L. This is super soft and is in great condition. Just too long for me. $75 OBO shipped CONUS P2P: 22.5" Shoulders: 19.5" Length: 32.5" Sleeves: 25.5 +3"
All prices OBO and include shipping in CONUS. Brooks Brothers Irish linen sport shirt, tagged large, 16x34, 25" P2P - $25 Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers OCBD, unlined collar, 16x33, 24.5" P2P - $SOLD
All available:Brooks Brothers Irish linen sport shirt, Large [[SPOILER]] Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers OCBD, 16x33 [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman sportcoat, 42L [[SPOILER]]
Probably a store name, and not a brand.
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