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'20s themed party
Moss, I like the pieces, but not sure about the combo. The tie is very winter-y and Christmas-y but the light gray suit and lavender checked shirt seem more spring/summar IMHO.
I thrifted a regular model (non-brass) Europiccola last year for (IIRC) $40. It's in my basement waiting for me to get around to getting it refurbished.
Stitch, does someone take the pics for you? If so, the full-length shot would be improved just by you and the photographer switching places so the sun is over their shoulder and in your face. It'd wash out the colors, but we can't see those accurately now anyway with you in shadows.Best of all would be a shaded place with decent light - how's your back porch at that time of day?
Vintage H. Freeman sack suit, Barbera shirt, vintage wool challis tie.
Those are Cheaney, I'm pretty sure. See this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/37647/who-made-these-brooks-english-shoes/0_100
I meant picking up your mail for you from your mailbox/front porch, not the post office.
^ Right...one typically doesn't leave two weeks' worth of mail to just pile up at home; either have USPS hold it or ask a friend to pick up your mail for you and they'll get the package too.
Probably BB. Their retail stores often cut the tags out of unsellable (damaged, worn, returned) items and donate them to local thrifts.
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