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I just placed an order for 8 pairs (2 for me, rest for others or to flip). We'll see if the orders are canceled or not.
Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is SF, with SF tastes and SF prejudices operating in the votes. In all of these challenges, your adherence to the theme is what qualifies you and gets you in the poll, but other elements are as important or more important in getting you votes. If you have poor quality pictures, you aren't going to do well. If your clothes don't fit or the fit/cut deviates too much from SF tastes, you won't do well. In a perfect world, maybe votes...
Probably half of the vintage ('50s-'70s) trad suits I find in thrifts have 1.75"-2" cuffs.
FTFY.Will Field at Field English Custom Tailors in Georgetown.Maybe give Leather Therapy a try.
Hey Nataku, just like Brianpore did the super helpful roundup of manufacturers' labels, you should do a similar roundup of which (if any) camo patterns are desirable and valuable. I know you've mentioned one or two before, and I always wonder when I'm in a militaria-type store.
ATL - Flight Coat is 1962-76. They were a pretty high-end coat back in the day, very well made.
Whoo...I'm glad VleV didn't get that one in on time!
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