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Two very nice BB sacks for someone in the 38-39R neighborhood. $70 each or $100 for both. Awesome vintage Brooks Brothers tweed 3/2 sack from the 50s or 60s. This is the "good" 346 line, needless to say. Perfect condition. Tagged 38R P2P 20.5" BOC: 30" Shoulders: 18" Sleeves: 24" +1.5" Brooks Brothers Makers gray herringbone suit. 3/2 sack. Plain front pants. Tagged 39R P2P 20.5" BOC 30" Shoulders: 17.5" Length: 23.75" +2.5" Trouser waist 32" +3"...
"Cotton Silk & Cashmere" is some kind of branding for the Bardelli store, or maybe an alternate location owned by the same group. The other jackets had it too, though one was cashmere and the other was 100% wool.
Ok, guys, take a look, pics of the Attolini. At least, I'm ~80-90% sure it's Attolini. Not labeled as such, but M. Bardelli in Milan sells Attolini-made jackets. More to the point, one of the moth-destroyed ones I left behind had an Attolini tag in the pocket, and all the details on this one (inside pockets, buttonhole stitching, etc.) seem to match that one. Can anybody confirm or disprove?
Definitely my best weekend ever. After yesterdays haul, today I picked up a vintage Brooks Brothers suit and sportcoat, a Zegna 15milmil15 suit, 2 recent Zegna sportcoats, and an Attolini sportcoat. Not quite thrift pricing, but I'll do OK. Left behind a couple of Zegnas that were too pricey and 3 or 4 Oxxford bespoke sportcoat/odd trouser combos that were huge. Oh, and two other Attolini pieces (summer suit and SC) that had moth damage. I was crushed about those.
It's still a place where people brag about their finds, and it's gotten so you have to say whether it's available or not so you don't get a hundred PMs inquiring on stuff you plan to keep.But there's also some of what you say going on.
This black herringbone sporcoat is sweet, but doesn't fit me. It's in perfect condition, may be NWOT - the vents are still sewn shut. Belt back with bi-swing vents, epaulets, patch pockets, surgeon's cuffs, side vents. Pure awesomeness. $120 $100 $80 $65 OBO shipped CONUS. This retails for $525 or more. Tagged 40; fits slim and short. P2P: 20.5" Shoulders: 18" BOC: 28" Sleeves: 26"
Bills Khakis M2 (flat front). NWOT, never hemmed. 34 waist. $60 ($120 retail)
Polo Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater vest, wool/alpaca/camel blend. Tagged XL, 23" P2P $25 shipped CONUS.
Gray herringbone Southwick sack suit, approximately 41R. Nice 3-season fabric. Flat front pants, no cuffs. $75 P2P: 22.5" BOC: 30.25" Shoulders: 17.5" Sleeves: 24.5" +2"
Best day I've had in a while. Everything potentially available. PRL fair isle vest XL 2x RLPL T-shirts L Recent Black h'bone Theory sportcoat (epaulets, belt back, this thing is sick), 40R NWOT Bills Khakis M2, 34xunhemmed Southwick suit, ~41R 2x Borrelli shirts, 16 Canali FC shirt, 16 Brioni tie* 3x vintage (20s-40s) ties *Brioni tie has a stain, but it was cheap and I thought I'd take a chance on it. I think Mainy or someone recently posted their...
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