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This is fake, right? Consignment had two of these suits. Lining and buttons all had the Armani logo all over, but the whole thing just felt cheap and shoddily made to me. EDIT: Now that I look at it closer, the whole thing looks ridiculous. "Western-style clothes."
+1. Sniping is the ONLY way to buy on Ebay. Decide what your max is, set the sniper for that amount, and forget about it until the auction's over. Bidding before the last seconds of the auction is for n00bz.
Make sure, if you can, that she has experience with actual reweaving. It's a specialized skill that not many people have anymore. I have seen a lot of botched repair jobs in thrift stores.In fact, here's what the underarm of my thrifted Attolini jacket looks like. I have no idea what the damage was or what they were trying to do when they "fixed" it, but you can see for yourself how well that turned out. It's not very visible when worn, given the location, so I still...
Yeah, I've been getting shots for a couple of years, and it helps hugely. I was allergic to just about everything, too.Glad I'm not allergic to beer, though!
Better than the chances of finding 9 Oxxfords in one day that weren't from the same donor or at the same store.Dude, that sucks, but that's hilarious. I have sneezy allergies and they make me miserable, but I'm so glad I don't have gut allergies.At first I misread this and thought you said you walked away from 2 Kiton sportcoats for $5 each, and I about had a freakout.
You'll have to teach her how to get to the shops before Mainy does.
Brian, TAL makes BB's non-iron shirts and probably all their made-in-Thailand SCs, too. That's about all I know. I'd guess that one probably came from the BB clearance center in NC, where you can find all kinds of odds and ends like stuff BB makes for other brands, etc. Can't give any advice on listing, it though.
^ Or tell him "It's 9% larger."
Very nice, Stitchy! For all the crap you get about your pents, these fit great.Well done! First two fits are the best, and that brown glen check SC is dreamy. One of your RLPL pieces?For some reason, the burgundy dotted tie with that gray windowpane SC doesn't quite come together IMO. Can't put my finger on why, though.This has been said a billion times here with fits like this, but I'l say it anyway: Top and bottom don't work together. Ditch the tie and it'd be...
+1.Just about everywhere else in the world, there's no returns on used items bought secondhand. The only reason sellers allow them on Ebay is that Ebay holds a gun to their heads and forces them to do it. If you do a deal outside Ebay, the default assumption should be no returns allowed.
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