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Nice. On the iPhone pics, try tapping on a lighter-colored portion like your shirt or face. It'll focus and adjust the exposure to the brightness of that area, and leave the cardigan dark. Then you can go in with an editor and bump up the brightness and contrast if it comes out too dark to see details.
Went with the matching vest. It wasn't the most popular option here, but I felt like wearing a vest.Hmm. I guess I get what you guys are saying, and probably will still do the gray/green combo occasionally. But I am a little more comfortable in today's fit.Yes, covert twill. Brooks Brothers sold them as cavalry twill, but that's a slightly different weave. I have them in gray and olive as well as tan, and love them.
A few days ago I posted a shot of this Attolini jacket with some gray flannel trousers that I said I thought was a fail because of the low contrast between jacket and trousers. I think this works better:
Jacket length isn't egregious. I'd probably go no break on the trou, though, with such a slim silhouette.
OK, 90% was maybe harsh. More like 60%. Folks like Klobber, eazy, and Hans are doing it right.This is mostly good, but the jacket is too short for you. If you're going to rock it anyway a la Thom Browne, you need to shorten the sleeves. But I recommend getting rid of it.This is mostly very good. Maybe showing a bit too much cuff.See comment above re: jacket too short. This one is even worse. It looks like you're wearing a child's jacket. They wore shorter jackets...
Just a general note: 90% of you posting thrift fits need to see a tailor. Finding great stuff for cheap is awesome, but you just need to accept the fact that tailored clothing needs to be tailored to fit right, unless you get very lucky.
Going to a wedding this afternoon. What do you guys think - no vest, matching vest, or odd vest? I love this gray DB vest, but never get to wear it, and not sure if it works here. 'Tis a bit snug, TBH. Tie is a gray glen check.
This outfit is mostly from outlet stores, actually, but still heavily discounted. Thanks!thanks man.
more cheapish dramatically ugly:
I don't call people stupid when they have different opinions, I call people stupid when they post stupid comments. Like calling Stitchy's pants "drop crotch" when they are obviously nothing of the sort.I don't have a suit in my closet that cost me more than $150, so you must be right about that.
New Posts  All Forums: