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What DM7 said. I've seen people pull amazing stuff out of DFW. It's a big city with lots of money and a good number of shops selling high-end stuff. You just need to work harder.
Recent Moreschi opera pumps with flannel bag, my size.
Pre-dibs anything 40-42R/L!!
^ Gawjus.
Lots of great finds recently but these are awesome. So sweet. NOS shell gets me more excited than just about anything else I find.
I agree. You even have to watch out for it with stuff from the better makers - I have a sack jacket that's fully canvassed, but the patch pockets are lined with a fusible, and it has started to bubble. If it gets much worse, it's going to make a nice jacket unwearable.
I went last summer on my way to the OBX for vacation. I thought it was worthwhile. The stuff they had in stock wasn't exactly a gold mine - no endless racks of Golden Fleece suits for pennies - but I still got some very good deals on a number of nice things. Getting there when there's great stuff to be had seems to be entirely a matter of luck, though some of those around here who go regularly might know otherwise.
That's a beauty. I bet those buttons are even older - you see them frequently on frock coats and very old tailcoats from the '20s and earlier. Tailor could've had them sitting around in stock for a while.
Disclose it and picture it clearly...I'd say you can still probably get $20-30 BIN for them, maybe more.
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