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This PZ is good? I have passed on it a couple times recently. Thought it was nothing special.
Was gone all weekend and missed the voting window, but FWIW my vote would have gone to Roger and runner-up GMMcL for having the least-tasteless entries.
Brian, re: #3 - how can you get a bonus point for grenadine if the base point is for knit? No such thing as a knit grenadine, AFAIK. Grenadine is a weave.
Back from vacation.
Yep, pretty sure I could have gotten 8/10 just today.Stupid me, as I walked into the first thrift store, I thought, "Oh, I'll pull up the sign on my phone like Spoo did." Then I realized I can't use the phone to display the sign and take a picture with it at the same time. Moron.
Greg, here are my thoughts:1 - fit is not the slimmest, but quite good. Shoulders nice, patch pockets are great, buttoning point is good. Pickstitching would annoy me.2 - Button point too high; slanted pockets are ugly. At least on a blazer.3 - looks like an orphan. Peak lapel, h'bone fabric, roped shoulders and aggressive fit, none of which works for a blazer IMO.4 - A bit too short, and the cut doesn't handle your chest-to-waist drop well. Those ripples at the sides of...
I wish people would use a little more discretion here.
Only worthwhile, non-moth-eaten suit in the joint, too. Not surprisingly, the racks are stuffed.
I just...I can't even.
Anyone heard of Hyden Yoo?
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