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@NewYorkIslander I've been reading through some back pages of this thread and see you do a lot of hunting for dusties. I'm just curious - what are you looking for? Just anything old? And what do you do with it? A lot of the dusties you've shown look like lower-shelf stuff, so I'm just curious if you're collecting, drinking, or flipping them.
Come on, people! We're down by 3! VOTE!!!
HA! Nicely done.
Saw a black Jil Sander suit at a consignment yesterday for $88. Did not kop.
Thanks, man! It's an Isaia I got at a consignment store with a couple others that are now with @txwoodworker. Only had to shorten the sleeves.
Thrift-ish fit: [[SPOILER]]
This place is like the neighborhood bar. Longtime regulars who are known and loved get lots of leeway to talk about whatever they want and nobody minds.It's just the annoying noobs who come in and won't shut up or take the time to get to know us that we don't like. IOW, you're good!
Consignment shop. Sleeve alterations cost me more than the jacket did.
long time no fit Jacket: Isaia Tie: Chipp gren Shirt, pants, shoes: BB
That's not bad, not as fine maybe as I was thinking at first. The finest ones I've seen have 20 or more. They look more like linen than straw, the fibers are so fine. Still might be worth getting yours checked out!@SpooPoker brodeetz on the Panama suit!!
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