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Paging @GMMcL. I think he did a big experiment on trouser stains a while ago.
Wow, that brings up an unpleasant memory.
I was studying Latin and reading Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico in college, and to blow off steam at night I'd play Counter-Strike online. Picked a character from the book as my online handle for gaming because I thought it sounded cool and nobody else was using it. Eventually ended up using it as my handle for a lot of other stuff online.
Maybe a 42-43 with some drape to the chest. If there's anything to let out in the pants waist, I might be interested in taking it off your hands. LMK!
That's lovely. What size is it?
Oooh. Lobb Paris or Lobb St. James?
So who's the current possessor of the Thriftening? Whose head do I need to cut off?
It's about 4-6 weeks too early for this challenge, IMO. My feet will spontaneously combust in a pair of boots right now, even in the (relatively) more moderate temperatures we've had this week.
Lovely! The '60s ones are cool, too. Love the green DB.Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gonna need more pics on this. And I call dibs on whatever it is. Just gave me a seizure. How do you even live with yourself?My pet peeve. And, like Nat says, so, so common.There's a reason nobody here has ever pulled the equivalent shoe haul to match the suits & SCs SWB and Spoo found last week. Hardly anybody wears good shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: