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Gustin stock sale/grab bag is up and running.
Reub, did you soak those yet? Are you planning to?Mine are the same size you bought, but I probably have a few pounds on you. Mine are snug; any tighter and they'd be unwearable. Which makes me worried about soaking or washing them. If I could be confident they'd stretch back out to this waist size (or ideally a hair bigger), I'd be OK, but as is I'm wondering if I should have gone with a 36.Denim people, how much are these things gonna shrink/stretch on me? Should I just...
Rare green Palm Beach Cloth suit from 1944-1949. PB cloth was a blend of linen, wool, and mohair that was used for summer suits from the 20s up to 1950, when the Goodall company was sold and they stopped making it.
Forgot to post a finished pic of the pipe:
I offered Linda $60 on a pair of 34x34s, she countered with 70, I countered with 62, accepted.
Oh my god. You're killing me with these, E.I suppose it's too much to hope he has some more in 41-42?
Love the new photo setup, Brian. The way the backlight makes that blazer's crimson lining pop is neat.
Mid 30s to early 40s, yes. If you can peek under the fabric and see the copyright date on the bottom of the tag (might have to pop a couple stitches), it should be either 1936 or 1939. That would narrow it to 1936-1939 or 1939 to roughly 1945ish.The '39 tag was used until 1962, but that's definitely a pre- or mid-war cut. After the war, button stances and gorges got low, lapels often had big ol' swoopy belly to them - all part of the Bold Look.If those trousers come out,...
Welp, used my blocklist today for maybe the third or fourth time in 8 years on SF.
Have any of you ever contacted the previous owner of clothes you've found and asked if they might have anything more to get rid of? I've now found three Samuelsohn MTM jackets donated by a local attorney, and they fit me perfectly. I've looked him up and have his email..I just haven't yet had the courage to send him a note and ask if he has anything else he'd like to get rid of. Would that be super weird or rude?
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