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Casual stuff should be OK. Avoid tailored clothing - blazers, etc - they use very poor quality construction.
Agree. If there was something I was really interested in, I might throw a lowball (30-50% of BIN) up to see what sticks, but I might very well make/entertain a more serious offer if the seller countered.
Don't know quality from crap, though. I've seen high tags on junk like that Alfani, while Zegna sits just down the rack at $24.99.
Belted and pleated back. Dripping with awesomeness.How old is it? Maker? Size?
@capnwes Brodeetz
Did they forget to turn on Spring up there?
I don't know if it's just wannabe snobbery, sniping from people who can't get PVW, or genuine, widespread agreement that it isn't all that great. I can't speak to the issue, myself. I deliberately cultivate a very middlebrow palate when it comes to wine, liquor, and cigars, because I can't usually afford the good stuff and I want to be able to enjoy what I can afford. Case in point: I've really been enjoying the Trader Joe's house-label $14.99 bourbon (made by BT) lately.
^ Hating on PVW, or at least looking down one's nose at it, is nearly as popular around here (Louisville, I mean, not necessarily SF) as chasing, hunting, and venerating it is.
Ugh, guys - I discovered this week that my shoe repair guy, who had been in business for 40 years and did B. Nelson-quality work for half the price, retired and closed his shop at the end of the year. :-(I tried another shop in town that was recommended by the highest-end retailer here, and while they used decent quality sole leather, I'm pretty sure they just cemented it on.Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and pay up for B. Nelson recrafting now.Wes said he sold his to...
dat brown barleycorn, 4th from right.
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