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Ahh, Adams Morgan. The first - and one of the last - times I got truly blind drunk was at Madam's Organ when some friends took me out for my 21st.
No, never heard of it. Do tell.
Had some credit with the local consignment for some stuff I'd sold with them, so I put it toward this hotness. Current label Brioni. Fits like it was made for me.
Former Four Roses master distiller Jim Rutledge announces plans to open own distillery
@Nobleprofessor's size.
Whoa! Incredible find.Also, if those are Park Avenues, they've redesigned them recently and I didn't notice. Larger toe cap is SUCH an improvement.
Gorgeous! What size?
Midnight blue, too, which makes it even more special.
Posted in the thrift buy/sell thread, but anyone have any Gustins in 35 that are available? LMK.
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