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How about a restock fee that starts at 10% for the first 30 days, goes to 20% the next month, 30% the next month, and so on? They can return it 179 days out but they only get a third of their money back.
Re: Palm Beach - if you see this tag, BUY IT. It's one of the top grails of vintage menswear. Palm Beach cloth was a blend of something like linen, wool, and mohair, designed to wear cool back before tropical wool was a thing. You'll usually find it on suits and jackets, usually white/cream ones, but I've seen light green, light blue, and a few other colors. There were also Palm Beach Cloth neckties, too.Goodall sold the Palm Beach name in the early '50s and it went...
Heating it with a hair dryer will melt the bloom and let you brush it away/back into the shell pretty easily.
Is this a thing?
Good grief. Vicuna. Kbadgley, I'd just send wowniceshirt a message and ask him if he wanted to buy it straight up for like $5K or something.
Wow! Don't remember seeing Caraceni here before. And for Les Wexner, too! Amazing. I'm a little surprised it turned up in Chicago and not in Columbus, as that's where Limited's HQ and Wexner's house are. Suppose it makes sense he'd have a Chicago place too, though.Any Columbus thrifters ever find any of his other stuff?
@capnwes did you knock over an outerwear museum?
Cool! I've always wanted to get inside there.Nasty Gal, Rue La La, a few others. Gilt is the only one with a warehouse sale, though. Zappos is moving their outlet to Vegas.
Yeesh, I go on vacation for a week and there's 940 new posts. What'd I miss? Saw Wes's deadstock boots haul. Great stuff. I didn't do much thrifting while I was out, but I did have a bit of luck at Marshall's, for the first time ever: Borrelli tux shirt for $15: 5x Southern Tide bows, $3 each:
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