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That's crazy. Do they really put out good stuff often enough every day to make that worthwhile?
That's a good point. I can see that side of it, too.
Eh...I mean, I'd be disappointed too, but $10 instead of $4 is still not a bad deal.In any transaction, either party needs to be ready to cut the other some slack for genuine mistakes and not insist on their right to abuse a plain error. If you go to the car lot down the street, the guy who runs it isn't going to sell you a car for 10% of its value just 'cause the window chalk guy left a zero off the price on the windshield. A bunch of us ordered Allen Edmonds shoes from...
Oh, ok. @eazye sounds like you're gonna have no luck with that Oxxford. Just send it to me and I'll take it off your hands.
Sorry - larger box. Like 2.5'x2.5'x1.5'. Lots of suits, sportcoats, a few pairs of shoes.
Wait, you found a recent Oxxford and LEFT IT because it was gonna be half off in a week?
What's the cheapest service for sending heavy (20-30lb+) boxes? Fedex?
Doesn't look like any Brooks I've seen.
I don't see lowball offers as a "douche move." Some sellers accept some pretty crazy low offers. Not most of the time, but it happens, and you never know unless you ask. It takes 15 seconds of a seller's time to decline an offer - or zero seconds if they have an auto-decline.A "douche move" is sending a lowball offer and then getting mad when it's declined. Like this would-be Boateng buyer did.
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