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Y'all need to get @richnet12 to send you the Knowledge Box so you can see what real gren looks like.
40s or older, I think. Pocket label's the same as on my WWII officer's coat and some other pieces folks here have found of similar age.No BB tag in the neck area? What's the lining made of?
What year was it bottled?
I once drove my friend's RX-7 that had had some turbo and exhaust work done. Holy crap, that thing was fast.
@Caustic Man you rang?
Well, I'd say it can pull a good shot. As with any espresso, you have to know what you're doing. And the manual nature of it makes getting good shots trickier than regular machines, because in addition to all the usual variables of grind, distribution, tamp, temperature, infusion time, etc., you're introducing another variable with pressure. So that can make it trickier to get a good, consistent shot nailed down. But once you know what you're doing, the variability there...
Yep, La Pavoni Europiccola, same model and year as the one I found and refurbished. Missing the portafilter and drip tray.If it doesn't power on, probably the switch went bad from moisture/corrosion. Common issue for those. I got a replacement switch for mine for $24.00, along with a set of replacement seals, from They might have the parts you're missing, too. Refurbishing was not that complicated. It comes apart fairly easily, just clean the parts,...
Haha...the AAAC Trad forum just blew up with folks mad about outlet-store merchandise being deceptive.ALL of the major clothing retailers have stuff made just for the outlets, and almost none of it is labeled as such. It sucks, but it's become industry standard. Brooks just did away with the 346 outlet line in favor of new labels that are even more like the mainline. Mainline shirts have "Est. 1818" in the oval, now outlet shirts have the same label but with just "1818,"...
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