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That is awesome, E! I can only imagine how many husband points you're getting for that.
Christopher Lee died today. RIP.Of course, he's a vampire, a wizard, and a Sith Lord, so "died" might be a relative concept...
What's the date on this one? Can't make it out.Also, that Ciccarelli is stunning. Dose lapels.
^ That's awesome. Ebay find?
!! Smalto!! !!
Yeah, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. I don't give stuff with any expectation that it's guaranteed to work for them, and I try to give stuff that'll have flippable value if it doesn't.
^ Late 60s, early 70s
Anybody know anything about IDing nice umbrellas? Found this at a consignment store. Store tag said Bullock & Jones, but there are zero brand/maker tags anywhere, so I'm guessing the consignor told them that's where he bought it. Made in Italy, so...Talarico? Not sure.NA - nice umbrella has been on my bucket list for a while. [[SPOILER]]
Tell her the thrifting is the easy part and if she wants the profit, she's gotta put in the work!
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