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& CC: @TakaiAstor & Black actually went into bankruptcy last year. One of their former salesmen bought out the company and just went on Shark Tank to try to get funding to restart and expand it.Spoiler alert: he didn't get it.I never saw a ton of A&B, but my dad had a blazer made by them and I saw a few other pieces in Columbus thrifts. None of it really impressed me, quality-wise.
Need: Staple solid navy suit 41-42; nice raw selvedge jeans around 35W Have to trade: Alden for BB black shell straight tip (cap toe) bluchers, 11D. Snap last.
If fingers give you the skeevies...you must have a pretty miserable day most days.
also, holy crap, @Jompso
Looks late 20s-early 30s to me, but that's a guess. Hard to say with overcoats because the styles didn't change much, but by the later 30s and 40s, lapels were getting bigger. Fabric is probably wool, just with a fuzzy finish you don't see anymore.EDIT: August Bros was dissolved in 1940, so not later than that. I still say late 20s-early 30s.
Sorry bro, was just joking. Making fun of the guy who criticized the Savile Row jacket a few posts up for being boxy.
looks boxy
I put them with ascots and decorative walking sticks in the "I'll wear them when I'm 80 and no longer have to give a crap" department.
That looks more like a porkpie to me. A boater should have a totally flat brim with no slope or turndown.
Good choice.
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