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These available?
What am I missing? Neither of those turns up in an Ebay search for me.
Very nice! HSM in that era was actually one of the highest-end RTW suits generally available. Really high quality make and materials. I'd put that one in the earlier half of the 39-49 window, probably 39-45 or so.What size is it?
Dudes. Literally read the last three pages with my mouth hanging open. Five Kitons, Spoo's and Wes's hauls, everything, gonna need more pics on this. You can't just drop something like that and walk away! BTW, that's either the 1936 or 39 label. Unless you're actually seeing a 1934 date, in which case you may have discovered a new union tag nobody's seen before.
Refunded from their pocket or yours? works for him because he goes all-out with the rest of his outfit. Three-piece suits, high collars, etc. His outfits are FORMAL in a dandyish, affected way. It works for him, but I think it'd be hard to pull off as well as he does without going whole hog like he does. If you're going to pull off a blue straw homburg, I think you need a blue three-piece linen suit, spats, etc. I have a blue Dobbs Rosebud straw fedora I wear all the time. It works really well with...
The blue hat looks a little too much like a homburg, with the tall crown with no side dimples and the upturned brim all the way around. It's a formal look that clashes with the inherent casualness of straw. It could be reblocked with side dimples and a snapped brim, and it'd be better. Here's my seersucker outfit from Sunday:
Are those shell? Look like they could be. Hard to tell when they're unworn.
Holy cow. Edwardian smoking jacket FTW!
I've joked about it a couple times, but never did it.
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