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Ooh, ooh, I've been looking for one of these in my size for years!Yep, Palm Beach Cloth. Generally only desirable if it says Goodall or Goodall-Sanford Co. on the label. If it says "Palm Beach Company", that's a later version that's not the real stuff.
It's not a fake, it's just a fiction.
Youtube is a great resource for learning to do at least low- and medium-complexity stuff.
Dritz makes an adjustable one that goes up to 45" in the chest. Might be a little shorter than the one you describe. It's $170, though. http://www.acesewing.com/DRITZ-D1760M-Mr-Ardis-Male-Dressform-p/sku17518.htm
Hence "hit stores" and not "hit shelves."
Buffalo Trace Antique Collection just starting to hit stores, this week and in the next few, depending on state.
Just got back from a week of vacation where I did as little Internet as possible. Ain't got time for 1100 new posts - did I miss any grails or mindsploding hauls? This was me last week: [[SPOILER]]
Paging @GMMcL. I think he did a big experiment on trouser stains a while ago.
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