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It's a Milanese-style buttonhole, which is unique because it doesn't have visible knots in the silk twist used to sew it, which makes for a smooth, shiny appearance. It's just an obscure detail you usually only see on obscure, high-end Italian suits.
Speaking as a local, I'd say September to early October. Fall and Spring are the really nice times here, but in the Spring (April-May) things are crazy with Derby- and other horse-related tourism.
As soon as I saw that Caraceni, I thought "Man, GMMcL is going to go ape when he sees that."
That buttonhole tho.
Yeah, real. I just passed that same tie the other day, had a huge stain on the front.
Anyone's looking for a bike and in the middle of the country, I'm trying to sell my Sportster to fund a car upgrade. Sucks, but needs must and I'll have another bike someday. Check it out and LMK if you know anyone who might be interested. https://louisville.craigslist.org/mcy/5492871246.html
Yeah, 99 is a Sargent last.
Great weekend, guys, congrats. So jelly of the BB/Poole haul.Just let me know day and time.Seriously, man, congrats. That's beautiful, and I'm jealous.Obviously you need the same, but patchwork.
Google announced Louisville was one of the cities they were considering for the next round of fiber builds, and the city has been bending over backward to pave the way for them. Passed a metro ordinance giving Google (and others) the right to move equipment around on the poles without having to get permission from the owners of the equipment. And of course AT&T and Time Warner have filed suit to block it, saying it goes against state law.
Yeah, the Buffalo Trace plant is fun to visit. Big operation. Their regular, free tour takes you around some of the rickhouses, goes into the history of the distillery, and does a tasting. You get your choice of two tastes out of four or five options, including BT, their white dog, BT Cream, and a couple others. It's free and you don't have to register. If you want to see the production side, you have to reserve a spot in their "hard hat" tour in advance. Woodford is an...
New Posts  All Forums: