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Ooooh, what size are these?
Apparently NYI kept it all.
Yeah, that age seems about right.
Jeez, that dude is huge. Imagine the amount of belly skin on him!
I have this horrible sinking feeling I've seen those labels before and did not kop.Alfred SargentCrockett & JonesAldenWhat is Bonora?
Jiffy Esteam. Different cuts can throw it off in the lower sizes, too. Isaia Base S, a 52 fits like a generous 40R and a 54 fits like a 42.
Insane. Are those kangaroo tops?Tiny size, I assume?
Stay at 21c, hit the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Slugger museums, visit a bourbon distillery, eat.PM me for thrifting/eating recommendations.
Was that the bike? What ended up happening with the bike debacle?
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