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Like Dan and Wes, my first post involved shell. I'd already been thrifting a while, though, I just mostly hung out at AAAC and resisted posting at SF because I thought everybody here was a jerk.
(Assuming we're talking vintage hats here) Kinda depends on the size.Vintage hats in small sizes (7 and below) are a dime a dozen. I never buy them to flip unless they're very old or some kind of rare and desirable thing.Large sizes (7 1/2 and up) are MUCH more rare in vintage hats and often flip easily for a nice profit.In between that, it just depends. Nice fur felt, in good condition, not super-stingy brim, yes. Wool hats, tweed hats, cheap straws, not unless super cheap.
CURSES I set up a snipe for this, the oldest Brooks Brothers item I've ever seen. A tailcoat made between 1857 and 1869: http://www.ebay.com/itm/380904877127 Then I changed my EBay password after I saw the hacking notice this AM. Which caused my snipe to malfunction. It went for A DOLLAR AND FOUR CENTS. FML.
I always thought that if I can ever afford bespoke, it'd be great to have a few jackets lined with kimono silks.
Also, FWIW, It's braces, just like the ones that go on your teeth. Not bracers.
From Sunday: Panama Bob hat PRL jacket, thrifted Borrelli shirt, thrifted BB tie BB trousers BB/Peal shoes I was messing with the buttoning on the jacket all day, going between the upper and lower buttons. So that's why the lapels look asymmetrical.
Spoo BaitThrift fit from Sunday: [[SPOILER]]
Pic has to be took this week? nvm, can't find the pic I thought I had.
I knew Zegna made a lot of Gucci, but this doesn't look like any Zegna tag I've seen. But I also didn't think a faker would go to the trouble of reproducing an Italian-style makers tag inside the pocket, so I thought it'd be worth taking a chance. @SpooPoker any help?
Who makes this? Didn't see it in the labels & heels thread.
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