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That's called a fishtail back. Made exclusively for wearing with suspenders. You see it on a lot of old British suits and some recent ones, mostly Savile Row-type stuff.Who made it? Dibs if it's 40-42R.
PM Sent.
You should try using a camera. I never get good pictures with my potato.
Mischka. They make jeans and stuff, but IIRC when it's come up here before, not terribly desirable. I could be wrong.
Those are amazing, D. What indicates 1931?
While there may be something sketchy going on, when I was there the store was offering to hold items behind the counter for any and all customers, while they shop. It may be standard practice, not preferential treatment.
What's up with the button stance on this one? Looks like it can't decide if it's single or double breasted. Did the previous owner move the buttons way over away from the jacket's edge for some reason?
Wait, what? What kind of Hunters go for $200?
After Six once made decent formalwear, but then descended into the rental market and quality went downhill quickly. Yours is probably from the 60s or 70s, so it could be OK quality or it could be polyester junk. Hard to say. If the union tag has a ® symbol to the lower left of the sewing machine, it's from 1962-1976. If not, it's 1949-1962. The vest was probably made and sold separately. FWIW, the jacket looks like it has nice proportions. The lapels are almost a carbon...
New Posts  All Forums: