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Yeah, Zegna and Isaia. Think their Oxxford is MTM only now. None of the stuff I mentioned above.
19 times out of 20 here in Louisville, it doesn't matter whether you are the first one to hit that rack when it rolls out, 'cause it was full of Merona and Jones New York and nothing worthwhile. We don't even have stores that sell most of the high-end stuff people here drool over. No Kiton, no Brioni, no RLPL, no Borrelli, no Cucinelli, etc. So.
"Dad, I been had Polo."
dahl5, I can only dream of finding a tithe of that in Louisville. So, over-thrifted and all, I'd say it could be worse.
Ha. Refunded, relisted, sold within the hour for 20% more than the first time around. I don't understand Ebay sometimes, but I love it.Buyer's name looks Russian or Ukrainian again, but the shipping address is in NJ, so that's better.
OK, thanks. Is there a proper way to cancel and refund him without triggering a defect?
Sold my iPhone on Ebay, it was bought by a guy in Ukraine. I had set the only international shipping option on the auction as Priority Express International, and he paid the calculated price for that. But when I go to print a shipping label, my only option is First Class Package International. USPS web site says, "With the exception of GXG, acceptance of all other mail classes to Foreign Postal Codes 95000-99999 within Ukraine is temporarily suspended." I'm nervous...
So, due to having a new baby, being off work, etc, I've been mostly away from SF for a couple months and totally missed getting in on this year's exchange.Anyone else in the same boat who would like to do an unofficial exchange with me? May not be secret/anonymous, but it's always fun to exchange surprise stuff. If you're interested, PM me and we'll work it out.
You're right, PV. '60s-'70s. Definitely not much older than that.
Yeah, the EXIF data is the culprit. There's an EXIF tag for "orientation," and some camera devices use it to rotate photos instead of actually changing the orientation of the photo itself. The iPhone is a prime example.I have a (PC) program called EXIF Editor I use to clean those up. I open the picture in the program, find the Orientation field, and change the value to 0. You can apply the change to a batch of pictures all at once.Another option, which is cumbersome but...
New Posts  All Forums: