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Jiffy Esteam. Different cuts can throw it off in the lower sizes, too. Isaia Base S, a 52 fits like a generous 40R and a 54 fits like a 42.
Insane. Are those kangaroo tops?Tiny size, I assume?
Stay at 21c, hit the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Slugger museums, visit a bourbon distillery, eat.PM me for thrifting/eating recommendations.
Was that the bike? What ended up happening with the bike debacle?
Bump - drop to $225 OBO.
The fact that one of those auctions advertises "discreet shipping" makes me wonder if there's some other weirdness going on behind those diaper auctions.
What the world? I don't think I wanna know why that's a thing.
This looks tantalizingly old. Got more pics of the inside?Wow, that is so weird. I've never seen anything like it, let alone from BB. I wonder how old it is and what it was for.
Both look fine with your head and face, from what I can see. The wider brim is more in proportion with the height of the crown.
I haven't been back in probably two years now, but IME the DC honey holes are mostly all in the burbs. MD side is better than VA, VA is pretty picked over unless you spend enough time to learn the stores and lock them down.
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