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Aren't sea turtle shoes banned/not able to be sold?
I'm selling my 883 right now. Have already gotten a couple offers for the same price I paid for it 3-4 years ago; I'm just trying to see if I can get a few hundred more.
That thing's a beast. Very nice, knucks!
Put it on the ironing board, front side up, and unfold the lapel so it's completely flat. Using a press cloth, press the lower 3-4 inches of the lapels' crease - you're un-creasing the bottom of the roll, pressing it flat. Now fold the lapel back to its normal position. The internal structure of the canvas should give it some roll, but it won't be creased hard.
Please don't quote the whole post without using spoilers.
Where's @capnwes at?
Phineas Cole?
Suits, sportcoats, hats too. Most folks out there don't wear them often anymore, but they did 70 years ago, just like everyone else.
You guys should be hunting for vintage. From talking to dealers and collectors I know, both coasts were picked clean of most vintage 15 years ago, and the Midwest is getting thin, too, but there's still a lot left in places like Montana. Probably Utah and Wyoming, too.
Minty Aldens for the bigfoot (13D)
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