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Refunded from their pocket or yours?
Yeah...it works for him because he goes all-out with the rest of his outfit. Three-piece suits, high collars, etc. His outfits are FORMAL in a dandyish, affected way. It works for him, but I think it'd be hard to pull off as well as he does without going whole hog like he does. If you're going to pull off a blue straw homburg, I think you need a blue three-piece linen suit, spats, etc. I have a blue Dobbs Rosebud straw fedora I wear all the time. It works really well with...
The blue hat looks a little too much like a homburg, with the tall crown with no side dimples and the upturned brim all the way around. It's a formal look that clashes with the inherent casualness of straw. It could be reblocked with side dimples and a snapped brim, and it'd be better. Here's my seersucker outfit from Sunday:
Are those shell? Look like they could be. Hard to tell when they're unworn.
Holy cow. Edwardian smoking jacket FTW!
I've joked about it a couple times, but never did it.
Very nice! Borrelli is gorgeous, and those are the oldest C&Js I've ever seen.
They are smoked/gray MOP.
This is hot.
That fits pretty well already, Purp. The back could be cleaned up a little maybe, but I'd say it's worth keeping.
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