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Does he know vents can be sewn closed for really cheap?
Whoa! More pics!
Vex, what kind of mannequin do you have? It always makes your jackets look incredibly square-shouldered, even on jackets I know aren't cut like that (like those BBs).
It's off with the Rolex somewhere.Hoooooooly cow. Those aren't like a 42, are they?Try Carbona Stain Devils for both. They have different formulas that are tailored specifically to different kinds of stains, but there's one that works on both wine and coffee.
Most phone cameras will do fine if you give them enough light.
It isn't really a pattern, per se. You could call it Donegal or Donegal-style tweed.
My instinct would be to call it a frock coat, but that's probably not what folks who wear them today call them.
Couple of Southwick tweed suits. Available. 40L: 44/46L 3-piece:
What size is it?
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