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I just gant even with this haul.
Yeah, they started issuing RNs in '59 at 13670 and issued an average of 2600 per year after that. So this would be ballpark 1964-65.
Those figurines are awesome. Napoleonic wars are one of my favorite periods of history.What the heck are the down booties for? Do you wear them over your shoes/boots?
Sorry man, I missed deleting your name from my list!
People who haven't posted their wants/needs in this thread yet: @1ofTheCoolKids @330CK @aging in rhythm @ATLjon @Chotii @classicthrifter @ClosetEvolution @concealed @eazye @GMMcL @highvoltorb @Hoofit @hooker4186 horse's_ass @kbadgley84 @matty long legs @namdaemun @Nell @Pierson v Post @Purplelabel @Randomore @rayxlui @richnet12 @silverwarebandit @snackbandit @Snoogz @the2ndhandman @Thrift Vader @Tyrone MacStiophain @vexco @Woofa
Looking to sell these for $250 shipped (US) or possibly trade for similar quality shoes/boots in ~11.5D (US). [[SPOILER]]
Jompso, I love you bro, but you're posting 2-3x for every post by anyone else in the thread. Slow your roll, man.
They are
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