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^ That's awesome. Ebay find?
!! Smalto!! !!
Yeah, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. I don't give stuff with any expectation that it's guaranteed to work for them, and I try to give stuff that'll have flippable value if it doesn't.
^ Late 60s, early 70s
Anybody know anything about IDing nice umbrellas? Found this at a consignment store. Store tag said Bullock & Jones, but there are zero brand/maker tags anywhere, so I'm guessing the consignor told them that's where he bought it. Made in Italy, so...Talarico? Not sure.NA - nice umbrella has been on my bucket list for a while. [[SPOILER]]
Tell her the thrifting is the easy part and if she wants the profit, she's gotta put in the work!
You're doing it wrong, bro. There's no better time to go thrifting than when "In-laws are in town."
I'm cleaning out some grails from my closet that don't fit me well, in case anyone's interested. Here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread/2700_100#post_7927830
It kills me to do this, but I need to unload a few grails that just aren't going to fit me.$300 $225 each, including shipping in the US.SOLD Luigi Borrelli navy blazer. 3/2.5, dual vents, patch hip pockets. Tons of hand-done pick stitching on most of the seams. Tagged 50IT (40US)Pit to pit: 21.5"Shoulders: 18.75"Length (BOC): 30.5"Sleeves: 24.5" (surgeon cuffs) [[SPOILER]] SOLD - Sartoria Attolini for a Milan store. Sort of an electric-blue melange fresco with a red double...
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