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^ Outerwear game on point.Very likely made by Norman Hilton, FWIW. They made Ralph's early stuff.FTFY. Amazing pull, dude.
There's a Kiton on Craigslist here in Louisville, which I never expected to see: http://louisville.craigslist.org/clo/4861968498.html Except his asking price is at least double what even NWT Kiton gets on Ebay. Also, I'm curious about the sort of life/family/friends/job/budget one has where you get Kitons for Christmas but are thrown into crisis by a busted up car and need cash ASAP.
So sorry for your loss, TS.
Another plug for Fabric Reweavers USA. $80 to fix these two, IIRC.
But Meermin shoes are getting harder and harder for me to resist...
Put in boxMail to SpooTake checks to the bank
At least the "Galways" aren't a godawful color.
Posted by @SomethingsFishy in the thrift thread:
This is awesome.
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