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Tell him it's a handling charge, just like he'd pay anywhere else he shopped online.
Alden for BB shell. Worn only a few times, but old enough to have faded to a lovely reddish brown patina. Available.
Did not kop this clutch of recent Zegnas, but I can proxy. All 56R EU, around $55-65 each. Couple 15milmil15s in there. And this incredibly baller been had full length green shearling. $220 IIRC.
Like this?Going to Ebay, but PM me if you have to have it. [[SPOILER]]
Is this a known maker?
I've slowed up a lot since college.
wrong thread
My first car made the Car Talk list of Top 10 worst car of all time. Dodge Aspen (also badged as the Plymouth Volare). Inherited it from my great-grandmother who'd bought it when she retired from the factory, and it had 33,000 miles when it came to me. Paint was wrecked, every bit of rubber was destroyed, and I had to do a lot to it, but that slant-six would've run forever. Damn thing stranded me in the creepy middle of nowhere West Virginia, but I still loved that car....
Yes, I like it! Dark enough to be year-round, but not so dark it's trying to be formal. Works well with patterned SCs.
1) It's no longer hot-as-balls, so I can stand to wear clothes again2) I'm losing a little bit of the weight I put on in the past year since my kid was born, so I can actually wear my clothes again
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