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Crittenden was started by a former Oxxford exec. I've seen several of their pieces in consignment stores here. The styling is usually good, but the quality is not impressive.
This started out sounding like the last email I got from my good friend the exiled Nigerian prince. But it ended WAY better.Welcome, Omar!
Yeah, C&J IMO as well.
Fall is nearly here, and I can bear to wear clothing again.
Yeah, shell. Not Horween, but shell. They've used shell from various South American and Japanese tanneries, and some of the early batches especially had quality control problems. I ordered a pair of shell PTBs a few years ago that were just like this - looked fine at first, but as soon as I wore them, the color started coming off in the ripples and they seemed very dry. I returned them.I'm in Louisville, too. If your friend is in Lexington, @AlanC hasn't been around here...
Ok, kopped a personal grail yesterday. These aren't Lobbs or EGs or anything, and have probably been seen in the thread before, but I've been looking for a pair in my size for 10+ years. I just love the color combo and the Olympic connection. Finally found them in my local consignment store. Chestnut calf and white buck spectators made by Allen Edmonds for the 1992 Barcelona US Olympic team.
@330CK, I think.
I've got a line on some shoes I've been hunting for at least 10 years.
The shape that's present (or not) in the waist of a jacket is an aesthetic, pattern-drafting decision that's not totally dependent on the wearer's build.
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