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Singeing is a standard part of making a good hat.This:is not. Nor is crushing and wrinkling the crown, or fraying the edges.
So, his business model is: - Make beautiful hat - Destroy beautiful hat - Sell destroyed hat for more than beautiful hat Got it.
Do want, if available!
No, Sanford is on the 7 last, Park Ave is on the 5. If you know a size that fits well in the Sanford, I'd start by going up a width and possibly down a half size in the PA and see how that fits. Your local AE store should have plenty of sizes available to try.
Size?You've been paying attention! Well done.
AE's lasts can vary in fit quite a bit. The Park Avenue's 5 last, in particular, is usually understood to fit long and narrow.
^ wow!
Wish I could find those around here.
I picked up a Borrelli swiss-pleated tux shirt at Marshalls a while back for like $10 on clearance. It's NWT, obviously, but has some shop wear - dirt in a few places like it fell on Marshall's none-too-clean floor. Should I sell it as NWT (but dirty), or get it cleaned and then sell it (but it'd no longer be NWT)? It is my size, so part of me says clean and keep, but I'm not sure my every-three-years opportunities to wear black tie are worth it.
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