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Yeah, that's interesting. IIRC the Nervesa label I saw was in an older Zanella jacket which was nice, but nothing outstanding. @DanM how well made is that jacket? Cifonelli are known for their bespoke, which is presumably made in-house, maybe to a significantly higher standard than their RTW?
I swear I've seen this label before in something that wasn't branded Cifonelli. Is this Cifonelli's own maker tag, or someone else's made for them?
So they need some info from me? Should I expect some sort of contact from them?Or maybe they're just waiting for the buyer to pay duties.He already asked me to commit customs fraud and mark the value down, so hopefully I've got that in my back pocket to use if this goes sideways.
All I get is an error message saying the number has to be 13 characters.USPS tracking number is the customs label #, EC793255605US
Shipped something Priority Express to France. Is it probably delivered and not updated, or is it stuck somewhere and I'm about to have a ticked off buyer on my hands?
"Genuine Shantung" = paper.
Get there early. But you knew that already.
That is awesome, E! I can only imagine how many husband points you're getting for that.
Christopher Lee died today. RIP.Of course, he's a vampire, a wizard, and a Sith Lord, so "died" might be a relative concept...
What's the date on this one? Can't make it out.Also, that Ciccarelli is stunning. Dose lapels.
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