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Example of the Weller madness that Pappy has spawned: One store I was in the other night here in Louisville has Old Weller Antique 107 (a $22-25 bottle) on the shelf for $69.99. Insanity.
If that were an American coat, I'd put it much earlier - aughts to early 20s - based on the label style and the buttons. It's possible German tailors were slow to evolve on those points and it could be later. Especially since the morning coat (Frack in German) is a more formal garment. Formal clothes tended to evolve the slowest. Still, I'd put it in the earlier part of your range and would not rule out pre-30s if that's a possibility based on what you know of the tailors.
Weller is a wheated bourbon, so fairly different than BT or Knob, both of which use rye. Makers is also wheated. "Better" is always in the eye of the beholder, but Weller is nice if you like wheated bourbons. It's too hard to find here, though, so I don't bother. Everyone knows it's the same mash bill as PVW and snap it up far faster than it's worth. Maker's is overpriced for what it is, but it's also a fine wheated bourbon if you're looking for that. And you can get it...
I just gant even with this haul.
Yeah, they started issuing RNs in '59 at 13670 and issued an average of 2600 per year after that. So this would be ballpark 1964-65.
Those figurines are awesome. Napoleonic wars are one of my favorite periods of history.What the heck are the down booties for? Do you wear them over your shoes/boots?
Sorry man, I missed deleting your name from my list!
People who haven't posted their wants/needs in this thread yet: @1ofTheCoolKids @330CK @aging in rhythm @ATLjon @Chotii @classicthrifter @ClosetEvolution @concealed @eazye @GMMcL @highvoltorb @Hoofit @hooker4186 horse's_ass @kbadgley84 @matty long legs @namdaemun @Nell @Pierson v Post @Purplelabel @Randomore @rayxlui @richnet12 @silverwarebandit @snackbandit @Snoogz @the2ndhandman @Thrift Vader @Tyrone MacStiophain @vexco @Woofa
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